Monday, January 8, 2007

Redeemed by Donna Dawson

"Redeemed- the novel" is the first fiction book by newcomer Donna Dawson. It is the story of a young girl named Heather and her battle with the demons within her; and, of course, her eventual overcoming of those demons, and "redemption" through Gods grace and mercy.


Although I am not very familiar with the whole demon realm (nor do I want to be!), I thought that the battle was very well portrayed in this book. Of course, good conquers evil in the end; but the struggle to get to the climax is long and hard. Prayer is a powerful weapon; as is the love of a family and friends.

Something that I was reminded of while reading this book, is that we all face demons (whether "real" or of our own making) each and every day. And, there is only ONE person who can cast those demons out of our lives. Satan himself, as powerful as he may be, has nothing against God! So, the little things that can be demons in our lives~ such as our time or our money/possessions~ really have no hold on us at all, if we release them and put our focus on God.


I really enjoyed this book and the authors writing style. It was unlike most of the fiction books I read, but it really held my attention to the end. Donna is wonderful at painting word pictures and uses so many descriptive adjectives that its so easy to picture things in your mind while reading. I was drawn into the streets of Toronto and into the lives of the characters.m sure well be seeing more of Donna Dawsons work on bookstore shelves in the near future! In the meantime, pick up your copy of "Redeemed~ the novel" at

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