Thursday, June 28, 2007

Adoption Statistics

Yesterday, we received the summer issue of the Shaohannah's Hope newsletter.  (To learn more about Shaohannah's Hope, please click the link in my right sidebar.)  There were some things in there that really stood out to me, and I wanted to share.......
There was a little multiple choice quiz:
Q: More than one-third of Americans consider adopting, but how many actually do?
     A. 2%     B. 12%     C. 20%     D. 22%

What would your guess be?  I'll share the answer at the end of this post......
Also in this issue was information on the financial challenges at Shaohannah's Hope.
The average adoption grant is $3,000.
Each year approximately 1,560 couples apply for grants.
Of those couples, 1,140 couples qualify for a grant.
The number of couples who actually receive a grant is 480 (due to the amount of money in the assistance fund).

Wow~ all I can say is WE ARE BLESSED!  I know I already shared our joy in finding out that we would be receiving a grant from Shaohannah's Hope.  Brian actually received the letter while I was in Vietnam in December.  We were, of course, thrilled!  However, it wasn't until yesterday, when I received the newsletter and read these statistics, that I realized just exactly how blessed we actually were to be chosen to receive a grant.  It was so helpful to us in assisting with our adoption expenses.  I plan to send a family picture along with our updated family news in the near future.  Who knows?!  Maybe we'll make a future issue of the newsletter!
Also, in the world of adoption (or, at least, MY world)........
You will notice under Current Reviews in my left sidebar, that I am reviewing a book called The Adoption Network by Laura Christianson.  I don't want to say too much about the book just yet, as my full review will be posted in a future blog entry.  I'll just say that my wheels are turning, having just read the first few chapters of this book.  If your life has been touched by adoption in any way (maybe you were adopted, or have adopted, or maybe you know someone who has adopted or been adopted, or your family has been touched by the miracle of adoption, maybe you have given up a child for adoption)~ just whatever~ you should read this book~ it may be that you have a ministry that you are ignoring.  For more information on the book, click the link (the book title) to go to Laura's Adoption Blog.

In answer to the question above:
I was extremely surprised to see that the answer was A. Only 2%!
If you are considering adoption and have questions, if you don't know anyone near you who has experienced it and can help you, please feel free to ask questions!  I'd love to share my adoption experiences, and know of other bloggers who, I'm sure, would be glad to do the same.  Adoption may very well be "God's Plan A" for your family~ don't ignore it!

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