Monday, August 13, 2007

And Baby Makes a Family by Phyllis Ann Mariani

First time author, Phyllis Ann Mariani, has used her own experience as an adopted child, along with the stories told to her by her parents, to create a fun picture book for young children.  And Baby Makes a Family is a story told in the first "person" (in this case the family puppy, Leta).  Leta's family is anxiously awaiting the phone call that will change all of their lives- the phone call announcing the arrival of a very special new baby who will join their family. 

The story is told in simple words that the youngest reader will understand.  The illustrations by W.F. Hawkinson are bright, colorful, and very cheerful.  Each two page spread is filled with great illustrations and just enough words to hold a young child's attention. 

I was fortunate enough to also a receive a black & white version of the book.  The illustrations are still fantastic and fun;  but this version will allow my 7 year old daughter to color the pictures using her choice of colors and imagination- making this book something uniquely hers.

Though this book seems to focus more on local adoption, the story is simple enough that it would not confuse a child who has been adopted internationally. This  book has been praised by librarians and counselors and has been recommended as a tool to help children understand the joys and hardships associated with adoption.  Phyllis Ann dedicates this book "to all those in the world of adoption who are making families happen." 

Color copies of this  book can be purchased through the publisher.  If you are interested in a black & white copy, please contact me and I can put you in touch with the author.

Edited 8/14/07~

Gracie's opinion of this book:  "I really liked this book except that I wish there would be a picture of the baby at the end.  You don't get to see the baby!"

Here are some of the pictures that Gracie colored in the b&w book:

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