Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day TO ME!

Mother's Days around our house aren't usually very exciting.  Mother's Day falls right on the heels of our state's annual homeschool convention.  Sometimes I'll pick something out that I just have to have and Brian will buy it for me.  This year, I didn't see anything I just had to have, so I didn't get any gift(s).....yet.  However, I'm going shopping with a friend tonight~ so maybe I'll buy myself something! 
So many of you have been standing with my family in prayer over the whole Certificate of Citizenship issue, so I just had to update you......
Friday evening, when we got home from convention, Brian went for the mail and WE RECEIVED GRACIE'S NOTIFICATION LETTER!!!!  That is definitely Mother's Day gift enough for this mama who was becoming somewhat worried!  God is always in control, and each day I learn more and more that His timing is always perfect! 
This morning, Gracie's green card was put in the mail, and now we just wait for the actual CoC to arrive.  I must say that I hated giving that thing up because, well, the picture on it was just too cute.  But, I'm just so thrilled that this matter is all taken care of and we don't have to worry about it anymore.
Praise the Lord!

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