Sunday, June 14, 2009

Naming your children

I used to enjoy posting in the "Gracie Giggles" category (more recently called "All About Gracie").  She used to say the craziest, most humorous things.  Now that she's almost 9 (her birthday is Tuesday!), those funny things are almost nonexistent. 

However, today, we were playing a game of Life Twists & Turns (awesome game, by the way!).  We were both in the section where you get married and have babies.  She asked me if I was naming my children.  Then, she went on to explain what she was doing.  She said:

"My husband and I aren't naming our children.  We'll wait 'til they're old enough to understand, then they can name themselves."    Can you imagine?!

Anyway, the whole concept has me curious ...
If your parents were of the same persuasion as my Gracie, what name would you have selected for yourself?  I'm quite certain that I wouldn't have picked "Heidi". 
Please leave a comment and let me know what you would have named yourself, if given that option.

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