Saturday, July 25, 2009

You know you live in Amish country when ...

... your mom goes to what the locals refer to as "The Amish Mall"
and comes home with 2 pairs of suspenders for your 3-year-old son.
(In navy blue and black - because they were "buy one get one free")

You know you have a teenage daughter when she says ...

..."Mom, please do not let him out of the house in those things!"

You know your son is definitely NOT Amish when he wants to wear his suspenders like this:

(Luigi & Guido never looked so good!)

You know your son is crazy when he says ...

"Hey, I look like a special man!"

Special?  I'll say!

You know your son is going to kill you when ...

...he turns 16 and realizes that Mom posted this picture on the internet
for all the world to see!

But what can I say?!  This was just too cute not to share! 

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