Wednesday, December 30, 2009

desperate times call for . . .

. . . eating chocolate!

What is it with me and chocolate?!  I love the stuff - especially when I'm stressed!
So, I grabbed a box of mini-truffles that my precious assistant, Brenda, sent me for Christmas.  (Isn't she great?!)  Anyway, they come from a place called Queenbee Gardens and they're made out of honey!  So, they must be kinda good for me, right?!

Help me out here, ladies, cause I'm eating the whole box of them!


~ Denise ~ said...

Gee, if I lived closer I'd totally help you out! Hee hee!

Welcome to the Blogger Neighborhood! :)


Brenda Emmett said...

Let's see...Honey is good for you, and chocolate is filled with antioxidants. So I conclude that they must be healthy. ;)

TOSHeidi said...

Denise~ Would you help me with the eating or the blogging? I'd take your help either way!

Brenda~ Thanks for the candy - it got me through the day. LOL

Michelle said...

LOL! Honey is healthy and chocolate is healthy--at least in doses smaller than a quart or so at a time. :) You DO know, though, Heidi, that the dark chocolate is much healthier for you than the milk chocolate? I hope it is dark chocolate! :)

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