Thursday, December 24, 2009

from my family to yours . . .

Christmastime is here again – it’s time to write our letter.

We thought long and hard on what to write – and decided to go one better . . .

So, we offer you this poem – all about our year.

We hope you find it fun to read and it brings you a bit of cheer.

Brian still works at Campbell’s, crunching numbers every day.

He blows his whistle in the evenings when the basketball’s in play.

Heidi’s still a homeschool mom, working from home with joy.

She loves sharing her days with her two girls and one boy.

Ashley spends her days reading, writing, singing, and playing guitar.

She’s 16 now and waiting to drive – hoping the car will take her far!

Tenth grade is full of ups and downs, hard days and fun ones too.

The years are passing much too quickly – she’ll graduate in two!

Gracie enjoys doing math and lots of crafts and art.

She plays the piano quite well now and recently the violin did start.

Fifth grade is going well this year and passing quickly by.

It’s hard to believe she’ll be 10 in 6 months – my how time does fly.

This year, Ian has changed and grown and learned many new things

He entertains us every day – especially when he sings.

In school, he’s learning letters and numbers; in his spare time he plays with toys.

He teaches us so much each day – the fun of living with boys!

In January, we traveled to Florida to spend some time with Mickey Mouse.

In the spring, we worked on the attic of our 80-year-old brick house.

Now each child has their own room – their own extra special place.

Summer took us on day trips and Brian went to Iowa for the big race.

We visited the Historic Triangle in Virginia for a few days this fall.

Even the rain couldn’t stop us from exploring, learning, and having a ball.

We’ve been through some hard days and learned lessons galore -

About friends, church, and cancer, and waiting to see what God has in store.

Now 2009 is ending and we’re looking forward to 2010.

And we want to send this poem to our family and our friends.

May God bless you with a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a new year full of fun.

And, if at all possible, let’s get together this coming one!

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