Saturday, January 9, 2010

Anyone interested in Destination Disney?

Over at my old blog home, I had hosted a meme called Destination Disney.  You can click over there to learn more about it, or click on the Destination Disney label in my sidebar to see my old posts (which I've moved over here).  The meme had seemed to run it's course, so I had stopped doing it.  Now, I've had a few people express an interest in possibly resurrecting it.  Would you be interested in participating?

I'd like to have at least 5 people commit to participating before I make any final decisions.  Memes are no fun when only one person is doing them. :(  I'm thinking about some changes if I do decide to start it up again ---

For one, I think we'll go back to doing it only every other week or twice a month.
Also, I'm thinking that - instead of sharing about a certain aspect of Disney each time - that I might ask a "generic" question that can be answered on your blog (and include as much creativity and as many pictures as you'd like to share).  For example, one week I might ask something like How many different Disney theme parks have you been to and which is your favorite?  Why?  or Who is your favorite Disney character?  Why? (of course I know you'll love sharing pics of you with your favorite character!)

I know I'm not the only Disney-obsessed person here in the blogosphere and I'd love to have some company in talking about my favorite vacation destination. Wanna join me?


Anonymous said...

Heidi, I know who to contact when we finally do Disney one day. :) We haven't been able to afford it quite yet, but hope to take the kids in the next few years because ours are at the prime age.

So, how are you liking blogger? It is sooooo much easier, I think! Hope you're enjoying your new "home."

Jenn said...

Heidi! It's great to "see" you! I miss emailing you!

Michele said...

Hello Heidi - I have been a 'lurker/follower' of you other blog for sometime. I really enjoy it. I must say that the reason I started following you was because of the Disney. I even have it in my google reader labeled under Disney. :-)

I am hoping to get started on my own blog shortly. I would be happy to participate in any Disney meme.


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