Monday, January 4, 2010

BJ's Saving Solutions (& a contest!)

Thanks to MyBlogSpark, I received a FREE 60-day trial membership to BJ's Wholesale Club.  The membership needed to be used/activated before the end of 2009, so we went last weekend.  It had been many years since I had been to BJ's.  We were trying to remember when we were there last, and it was probably sometime in 1992 ~ I remember buying our front porch lights there, among other things (we went as guests of Brian's parents).  Since that time, we have  been members of Sam's Club (through Brian's employer); but, for the past few years, we've not been to any wholesale club. 

We were very impressed with BJ's.  First of all, it is HUGE!  (Much larger than I would have remembered.)  We were in search of some Wii games and/or accessories; but, since we went right after Christmas, most of those items (that we would have been interested in) were not available.  However, we did find some great deals on DVD's.  We enjoy watching TV shows from the 70's and 80's, since we don't have cable television.  Ashley was excited to see complete seasons of Laverne & Shirley for only $9.99.  Gracie found The Brady Bunch for the same price.  (We bought one season of each.)  We had recently purchased 3 seasons of Little House on the Prairie (to fulfill our commitment in a movie club) ~ BJ's has full seasons of that for only $16.99, which is WAY cheaper than I've seen it anywhere else (so we bought season 6 of that too).  We got some great deals on snacks, etc. 

We're already planning what we want to purchase when we go back (before our  trial membership expires).  We saw amazing deals on some of their fresh cut meats (one in particular was the pork loins, which were amazingly humongous!)  We could definitely cut one of them up into several smaller pieces and make multiple meals out of it for less than $15!

Thanks to BJ's Wholesale Club and General Mills, I was also provided with a $25 gift card, via MyBlogSpark, which we used with great joy! 

Are you a member of BJ's?  Do you have any tips for new members or perspective members?  What have you found to be great bargains?  If you leave a comment answering one of these questions, I'll enter you in a drawing for a $25 Gift Card to BJ's!  (Who couldn't use that?!)  *This is my first contest since moving my blog, so I'd love to get lots of responses!

Want extra chances to win? 
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I'll post the winner's name on Friday, so hurry up and enter for your chance to win!  Good luck!


Kathryn said...

Hey you did it! You made the move! Your blog looks lovely! I'll have to check out this background site as well! How did you get 3 columns on your blog? I've been trying to do that forever, and can't figure out how to change it :) Welcome to Blogspot Heidi!

Heidi said...

"Are you a member of BJ's?" Unfortunately, they aren't local to me, but I see you can order online! They look similar to another warehouse to which we are members. My tip would be to take a price book and compare prices on your staple items. In most stores like this, some things are much cheaper, some things not so much.

Canadianladybug said...

There's a BJ about 1 hour from my place... mind you I need to renew our passports but hey it's only a matter of time.

Canadianladybug said...

I follow your blog.

Canadianladybug said...

I've tweeted about it.... @Canadianladybug

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