Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Posting about life

I haven’t been making many personal posts on my blog lately and I guess I’m feeling a bit guilty about that.  Maybe I’m feeling sorry for myself because there’s so much going on right now that wouldn’t have been my choice or my plan (if God would leave me in control).  Sometimes it just seems easier to remain silent; but then I think people probably get sick of coming to my blog and seeing nothing but reviews (I know I, personally, like reading blogs with “a little of this and a little of that”).

Yesterday I read this post over at Footprints in the Butter.  I appreciated Debra’s transparency and how she took the less-than-pleasant circumstances that were making up her day and found the good in them.  Then today I read this post over at Faithful Bloggers and I couldn’t agree more – I can’t stand fake people.  It’s always best to be yourself.  These two posts got me to thinking that it would probably do me a world of good to just write out my thoughts and be myself.  So, here goes ---

  • Just when I think that we have finally put our church “issues” from last year in the past, something comes up to make them fresh in my mind and front and center again – ugh!
  • There aren’t enough hours in the day and I struggle with my schedule.  I worry that I’m not devoting enough time to my kids and their education.
  • I’m overwhelmed with work lately – there’s just so much to do: finalizing things for the planner, putting together a new series of unit studies, winding down Year 2 with the Crew and working on try-outs for Year 3 (and all the things that entails), thinking about putting together training materials for the upcoming convention season, posting on the Crew blog, etc. etc. etc.
  • I’m tired all the time and I don’t even want to read at night anymore – I just want to crawl in bed, pull up the covers, and sleep.  When morning comes, I don’t want to get up.  I was like this in the fall too.  Could it be depression or simply the “winter blues” (I am really longing for spring!)
  • My best friend has cancer.

Now, how can I turn these situations around and see the good in them?

  • We are in a new church situation and our children are happy!  We’re attending the church I grew up in, so I’m comfy and feel at home there. Our pastor has been serving in the same church for 40 years!  I’m considering how I might help with the library there (serving God + feeding my book addiction = a good combination, right?)  Sometimes God allows bad situations to come our way so that we are prompted to move on to something better. 
  • My kids are home with me everyday and even on the days when I think we failed at school, at least we were together and we shared our lives.  They see my struggles and my failures, and they still love me!  And they’re learning about life in addition to the  bookwork.  Really, does it get any more educational than that?
  • I have a job that I love!  And even the things that keep me so busy are all fun things!  The Crew has provided blessing upon blessing (both homeschool materials and great friends), the Planner is an amazing project to be a part of, I’m excited about the new series of unit studies and can’t wait to introduce them to homeschoolers, and I am beyond thrilled with our spring schedule and all the traveling and conventions!  Seeing Tim Hawkins in Cincinnati and being in Mickey Mouse’s backyard are among the highlights of the spring that I’m looking forward to.
  • Spring is coming!  I’ve been hearing the birds chirp outside in the mornings when I take Sallie out.  This morning, while still in bed, I heard a noise that I used to think was mice in the attic (and it totally freaked me out); later, while outside, I realized that it’s actually birds “playing” in our spouting!  Birds are so much better than mice.  And their singing means that spring is on the way.
  • I did learn that it’s ok to put a book down if I can’t get into it or I’m not really enjoying it.  Last night, I was finally able to do so, and could hardly put down the new book – which meant that I stayed up and read for awhile (now, if only I would be more eager to get out of bed in the mornings!)
  • The past 16 years of my life have been blessed by my friend Sue.  Even though cancer is no fun and I hate seeing her suffering, I’m thankful that she’s my friend and that I can do things to serve her while she’s sick. I pray that I can be the best friend possible and  I’m still praying, each and every day, for a miracle in her life!  Love you, Sue!


Shannon said...

Looking at, and sometimes even finding, the bright side is the hardest thing to do. **Hug**

Heidi... said...

"My kids are home with me everyday and even on the days when I think we failed at school, at least we were together and we shared our lives. They see my struggles and my failures, and they still love me! And they’re learning about life in addition to the bookwork. Really, does it get any more educational than that?"

Thanks so much for posting that!! I need that reminder EVERY single day!!
Praying that you find peace and joy in your day!

Tristan said...

Okay, I am excited about the new planner too, I love the current one and can't wait to see how it is improved in April.

New Unit studies??? Are these the Download N Go units or something else? I love love love the Download N Go units and went ahead a paid for the full year up front, but I am always open to more unit study materials if there is something else in the works. ;) Ahh, yes, my name is Tristan and I am a homeschool-a-holic.

Sheri said...

In honor of your being real-I felt compelled to write this:

Hope it isn't too real for folks to handle. LOL

Neely said...

WOW! Your comment about being home with your children even through the rough times is worth it hit something in me. Thank you! I believe all homeschooling parents need to read that this on occasion.
I also have a hard time looking the bright side of things. Last year I found God. I mean, I always knew Him but didn't KNOW Him. I am at the point in my journey that I have negative thoughts and need to consciously turn them around. I look forward to the day that my mind will automatically turn to the bright side.
AND...Ooooo I would love to go and see The Casting Crowns!

Debbie S. said...

I'm so glad you decided to update and be "real". Sometimes just writing helps clear our heads. You sound like you have a really busy life. I just posted about feeling overwhelmed (1-2 days or posts ago).

One red flag that popped up and started waving though was when you said you might start working with the Library at church. It seems like you're so busy anyway - why add to it? Just a thought.

I have been trying to work in our church library for about 2 years and finally had to stop because there is just not enough time and I get tired of dragging my son everywhere. This was just another place he had to endure.

I love the way you turned your "negatives" into "positives" right here on the page. That was very creative!

Have a blessed day!


Debbie said...

Being real and authentic must be the topic for the week. I watched a video clip at 5 Minutes for Mom and then wrote this post yesterday, before I saw your post or Sheri's.

Interesting that it hit us at the same time, though I did not look for the positives as well as you did.

I am grateful to homeschool my boys, most days, even with the trials and troubles I would not want them anywhere else than home with me.

Continuing to pray for you.

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