Monday, March 22, 2010

40 really isn’t that bad!

I had a wonderful weekend! 

My mom picked me up last Friday and we headed to Lancaster, PA.  We enjoyed a yummy lunch at Panera Bread (I love that place, but the rest of my family is too picky to eat there!)  We did a bit of shopping, then headed for the 4:15 showing of Joseph at Sight & Sound.  The show was fabulous.  We’ve seen many of the shows there, and this one might very well have moved to the top of our favorites list (previously, this position was held by Ruth). 

After the show, we checked into our hotel.  We decided to splurge this trip, an stayed at the Fulton Steamboat Inn.  It was a very pretty hotel – our room was gorgeous and clean – we were pleased with it.  We had supper at Texas Roadhouse.  I tend to get “stuck in a rut” at restaurants like this and always order the same thing.  Mom insisted that I step out of my comfort zone and order the ribs – they were delicious (too much, though – next time we’ll split the meal).

We woke up Saturday – made a quick run through Target for a few things – then had breakfast at (yes, twice in one weekend) Panera!  I had my favorite – a Cinnamon Crunch bagel.  If you’ve never had one, they’re to die for – you don’t need to toast them or top them with anything – they’re perfect just the way they are!  We did lots of outlet shopping, had a frozen coffee and 1/2 a sandwich at Starbuck’s for lunch, shopped some more, then headed for home. 

My brother and his family were waiting at my parents’ to help celebrate my special day – complete with pizza and ice cream cake! 

All-in-all, it was a very nice weekend.  Turning 40 really wasn’t so bad.  I feel no different than I did last week, at 39. :)  THANKS to everyone for the fun birthday wishes!  My blog readers and friends are among the very best!  I am blessed!


Berry Patch said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous and fun weekend! ;-) Good to know that 40 isn't so bad. I'll be there in about a year and a half. LOL

Shannon said...

It sounds like you had the wonderful birthday celebration that you needed with everything that has been happening lately. I've always wanted to go to The Sight and Sound Theater. When we were living in NJ it was much closer than it is now. Maybe one day, we'll still get the opportunity.

I'm also happy to hear 40 isn't so bad. I'll be there one month and 5 days from today. The thought isn't sitting well with me.

Jodi said...

Sounds like you had a lovely birthday! I'm 2 yrs and a few days away from 40, I just hope I get better with age! lol

The Big Sycamore Tree Family said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY.I will be 46 in September 19

Sheri said...

Well 40-that is not bad-143? Now that is ancient and almost Noah-like. LOL. Glad you had a lovely weekend/day. Hugs to ya!

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