Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do you know about Blockbuster Express?

Several weeks ago, when I went along with Sue for what would end up being her last chemotherapy treatment, I was looking for a movie for us to watch while there.  She wanted to see Julie & Julia, and I had checked several stores, intending to just buy it; but everywhere I looked was sold out at the time.  We had given up.  Then, after her doctor’s appointment (before chemo), we went to the grocery store for some breakfast and, on our way out the door, I saw a Redbox machine.  I had seen them before, but wasn’t really sure what they were or how they worked; but the movie we were looking for caught my eye and we ended up renting it that day (and Brian was able to return it the next morning to a kiosk near his work). 

Coupon CodeWe live in Smalltown, USA; so I wasn’t aware of anything like this locally.  Then today, thanks to MomSelect, I was introduced to Blockbuster Express.  When I first saw the information, I thought “they won’t have one near us”; so I clicked on the kiosk button to search for the nearest one.  Much to my (pleasant) surprise, there is a kiosk 5 miles from here!  You should check it out and see if there’s one near you too (I bet there is!)

The great thing about Blockbuster Express is that there are no membership fees.  Movies can be rented for only $1 per night.  And, guess what?  I was given a code for RENT ONE, GET ONE FREE – rent 2 movies before March 31st, use coupon code 555G13B, and the 2nd rental will be FREE.  (That’s 2 movies for only $1, assuming that you plan to return them both within 24 hours of rental.)

I’m thinking of all the traveling plans we have for this spring and it just struck me what a great idea this is.  We could pick up a movie before we leave home, watch it on the portable dvd players while we travel, and return it in another city. How cool is that?! 

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