Monday, March 15, 2010

Friend Makin' Monday - Random Thoughts


Head on over to Amber's blog if you want to participate.
I am.... sitting on the couch, working and blogging.

I think....the sun is supposed to start shining again tomorrow.

I should...get up and get some housework done, but I'm really not feeling the best.

I dream....about sunshine and Disney World.

I lose weight.

I know...that I am a child of God.

I don't like....that my best friend made it to heaven before me (it's lonely here without her!)

I smell...our pizza from supper.

I hear....Little House on the Prairie playing on TV.

I accidents.

I usually....start my day off with 2-3 cups of coffee (with flavored creamer).

I search...the internet for just about everything!  I love searching and researching.

I miss....the days when things were simpler and less rushed.

I before bed.

I wonder....what my kids will be "when they grow up".

I crave....chocolate.

I remember....when life wasn't so complicated.

I become a better steward of my time.

I forget....a lot lately!

I feel....melancholy.

I lots of things, when I set my mind to doing them!

I can' much in the way of sports.  I'm horrible at anything that requires a ball!

I am happy....with my home and my family.

I shoes a lot (which is why I'm continually asking Brian to put a light in my closet).

I sing....often.

I listen...a lot (I'm detail-oriented, so it's good to listen!)

I shop.....cheaply.

I eat....too much.

I love.....God and my family.


Tia said...

I shop cheaply too. Sometimes its bad! Love your blog.

OutnumberedMama said...

Happy FMM - hope you can follow back

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Hey Heidi..
Just wanted you to know that I'm praying for you as you are grieving, friend. I can't imagine how hard this must be. :(

MrsJenB said...

I dream about Disney World, too! Do you go frequently? We went for our honeymoon and our 1st anniversary this past fall. Otherwise I'd only been there once when I was little, and my husband has been there around a dozen times. He's got me hooked!

I'm so sorry to read about your friend's passing. My prayers are with you.

It was nice to meet you @ FMM!

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