Saturday, March 27, 2010

My lilac bush - planted

The other week, I posted a picture on my FB of my lilac bush; which, at the time, looked much more like a twig tree.  My dear friends at The Gathering Room gifted me with the bush to plant in memory of my friend Sue.

Brian planted it for me last Thursday.  I took pictures, but never got around to posting them.  I wanted it to be planted somewhere that I could easily see it from the house.  We tossed around a few ideas, then finally decided to plant it right outside the living room windows, overlooking our side yard (which borders our neighbor’s driveway).  This is where I used to have my birdfeeders, and hope to again – the goal is to dig up a larger area AROUND the lilac bush and put my wrought iron poles/birdfeeder holders back in place and have a little “memory garden” for Sue. 

Here are the pictures – if you look closely, you can see Gracie peeking out the living room windows, overseeing us as we work!  Also, check out those nice, green blossoms on the bush!

Picture 088

Picture 089

I’ll be sure to post updated pictures as it grows and blooms this spring/summer. 


Becky said...

Heidi I want to be a blogger like you when I 'grow up' (smile) Absolutly love all you have done here! Fantastic! Thanks for the new pics of the memory tree <3

Love ya,

Janet said...


The fragrance is going to be wonderful and bring back great memories for you!



Penny said...

What a lovely memorial!

Heidi... said...

I remembered this post on your blog and wanted to come and "see" your lilac bush again. I'm sure it will bless you year after year with amazing blooms and the fragrance of Sue.

I'm praying for more incredible friendships than you will know what to do with. ; )


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