Thursday, March 18, 2010


(because, right now, I’m capable of little else!)

I have so many thoughts rolling around in my mind – things I should be blogging about, but just can’t seem to find the time.  So, I thought I might just make a quick, random post an share some of them all together.  Here goes . . .

*Saturday is my 40th birthday.  I’m going to take my friend Charity’s advice and “claim it” (since it seems I don’t have much choice)!

*My mom is taking me away tomorrow.  We’re going to Lancaster for an over-nighter.  Tomorrow afternoon, we have tickets to see Joseph at Sight & Sound.  This is a brand new show – one we haven’t seen before – so I’m excited.  I’m thinking I might even get dressed up for the occasion.  I’m sure we’ll spend some time shopping on Saturday.  I can’t be near the Disney Outlet without stopping for a visit!

*I’m excited for the upcoming homeschool convention season.  I am honored to be able to represent The Old Schoolhouse Magazine at 5 conventions this spring.  Do you homeschool?  Are you planning on going to your local homeschool convention this year?  Here’s where I’ll be (please plan to stop by and say “hi”):
     ~Midwest in Cincinnati, OH ~ April 8-10 ~ I’ve never been to this convention before, but I’ve heard awesome things about it.  My whole family will be traveling to this one with me – we’re excited to see Tim Hawkins on Friday evening!  I’m also looking forward to meeting several of my Crew Mates at this convention!

     ~CHAP in Harrisburg, PA ~ May 7-8 ~ This is my home state convention.  I’ve been going for several years, and representing The Old Schoolhouse for the past 2.  This is where I’ll plan to do the majority of my shopping too.

     ~FPEA in Orlando, FL ~ May 27-29 ~ Can’t wait for this one!  Not only is it a HUGE convention, but it’s in my favorite place in the world!  We’ll travel down the weekend before and spend a few days visiting our friend Mickey Mouse.  I also plan to meet up with some friends during this trip!

     ~LEAH in Rochester, NY ~ June 3-5 ~ I did this convention last year.  It’s a much smaller convention than I’m used to, but it’s in a nice facility. I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with my friend Charity.

     ~HEAV in Richmond, VA ~ June 10-12 ~ I’ve never done this convention either, but I’m looking forward to it.  Just Ashley and I will be traveling to VA for this convention.  We’re not exactly world travelers, but we’re getting plenty of east coast travel this spring!

*Even in the midst of the trials that God is sending, we’re seeing such blessing.  I have to share that my friend Sue’s hubby, Todd, just called – his place of employment has offered him a day-shift office job!  This is an amazing answer to our prayers.  He is seeing God’s love poured out in small blessings each and every day (and the small things are adding up into BIG THINGS!)

*I love spring!  Everything is turning green, the sun is out, and the temperatures are rising.  It’s not such a chore to take the dog out anymore – I actually enjoy it!  When Brian gets home from work, we’re going to dig a hole and plant my purple lilac bush (that friends gifted me with, in memory of Sue).  I want to plant it right outside my living room windows so that I can see it every day.  I wonder if it will bloom this summer?  I hope so!

*Yesterday, we were able to get a new-to-us freezer.  It’s way too large to put in our basement (where our old freezer was), so we put it in our garage.  It was kinda nice to get home from the store this afternoon and just put the frozen things directly into the freezer.  It probably won’t be so nice when we have to walk out there for our food!  LOL

*We’ve been watching through all the seasons of Little House on the Prairie – we’re on season 8 now.  While I’m away this weekend, I’ll have to look for season 9 to finish off our collection.  I also say that they brought the Walton’s movies out on dvd now – that’s on my list (we’ve got all the seasons).  We’re going to have to think of a new show to collect.  Any suggestions?

*Brian’s home an we’re about to have our first-of-the-season burgers on the grill!  Yum! 

That concludes the randomness for today.  Do you have any randomness to share?


Debra said...

I was just having a conversation with my almost birthday boy. I was bemoaning the fact that tomorrow I'll no longer have a favorite 5 year old, and suggested maybe he stay 5 for me. Totally serious, he looked at me and said, "Mom, you can't prevent me from turning six. You can only control whether or not we celebrate that fact."

Yikes! So, Heidi, to paraphrase my son... you can't prevent your 40th birthday. You can only control whether or not it is a celebration. Choose to celebrate :)

Heidi... said...

Love it! Happy Bday to you! I have my 41st next week. I'm claiming the 40s to be the new 30s. ; )

Love Sight and Sound! A friend used to perform there and my husband is from Lancaster County.

I hope your weekend is full of incredible blessings!!

Tristan said...

Happy B Day Early!

I'll see you at Midwest!

And we're in the middle of season 5 in Little House on the Prairie.


midwest mama said...

Have a very happy birthday! I hope you return refreshed and renewed. Blessings, Susan

Breezy Point Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Heidi! Your randomness seems fine. It is better than being scattered. I am still trying to decide whether I will be going to the FPEA convention this year (I never buy anything... almost) but if I do, I will look for you at TOS booth.

Michele said...

Happy Birthday, Heidi! I hope you have a wonderful day. Kaden turned 5 yesterday and we are celebrating his birthday all weekend!
We are hoping to go and see Joseph this year. I'd love to hear how you liked it. Last year we went to Sight and Sound for the first time to see The Beginning and it was awesome! We still talk about it. We can't wait to see Joseph. My parents have seen every show Sight and Sound has put on.

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