Saturday, April 24, 2010

Check out My Job Chart!

Thanks to MomSelect, I was recently introduced to My Job Chart.  I was asked to share about this neat service with my readers, but wanted to take some time to check it out for myself first.  I’ve had about a week to look over the site and I think it’s worth sharing.

My Job Chart

My Job Chart is a FREE online chore chart.  You may be thinking “whoever heard of such a thing?!”  Well, I hadn’t either, which is why I wanted to look into it a bit further.  Here’s what the website has to say: “Helping our children understand the benefit of consistent work and the value of a dollar is increasingly difficult in today’s world. Parents have tried everything from printable chore charts, stickers, reward cards, and posters but none seem to engage the interest of today’s children. My Job Chart has found the solution. It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s ONLINE, and best of all it’s FREE! Our online chore chart system inspires and motivates kids to do their chores on time every time. Kids get excited when they see their points adding up and want to do more. The chore chart is completely customizable. Your kids will finally be excited to do their chores. Give My Job Chart a try today!”

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? I’ve been playing around with it, and it’s easy and fun.  You set up your family account and log in each member with a password (I assigned us all the same password, so we can easily remember it).  You can upload a picture for each member, which makes it much more personal – and easier for the little ones to understand.

Once your accounts are set up, you’re ready to start entering chores.  Many of them are “generic” so you simply click to assign.  You can choose “one day only”, “every day”, or “every week, specific day”.  If the generic chores don’t quite suit your needs, you can add your own chores too.  After you’ve got the chores all assigned, then you can set rewards.  Chores are each worth a certain point value – rewards are granted based on points.

Everything is digital nowadays, and having a chore chart at My Job Chart is just another way to keep up with the digital age.  I’d really recommend checking out the website for yourself.  The “How It Works” video on the main page will explain the system more in depth.  Set up your own account and get to work assigning those chores! 

Let me know what you think!


Carrie said...

(I did add you to my Google reader by the way!) And I'm so glad I did because your first post is this one and I think this is a fantastic idea! Off to check the website out....

Heather Laurie said...

Oh sounds neat. Thanks for the review!

God bless
Heather Laurie

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