Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday’s Fave Five #83

FFF spring

Here’s a new one I found while participating in my other Friday fun stuff!  I’ve been having a rough week, for various reasons, and thought this might be a good way to dwell on the good things, instead of the  bad (don’t we all need that once in awhile?)

The idea  behind Friday’s Fave 5 is to share about 5 things from your week that stood out to you and made you happy.  Here are mine:

  1. Meeting lots of my Crew members and other great people (vendors, TOS readers, etc.) at the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati over the weekend.
  2. Seeing all the spring green and other colors popping up all around us – most of the flowery trees were already blooming – but it seems like there has been SO MUCH MORE color this week and I LOVE IT!
  3. Being encouraged by friends – both online and in real life – to continue being myself (real and transparent). It seems the consensus is that that’s what people are looking for (as opposed to “shining, plastic people”).
  4. Watching Brian work in his garden – getting it all ready to plant – and planting the potatoes.  He seems to enjoy gardening, and we all benefit from the great produce!
  5. Bringing up my porch furniture from the basement!

To participate in Friday’s Fave 5, or to read other people’s answers, just click on the button above to be taken to the host blog – Living to Tell the Story.


Hazel said...

From heaps of praises and loads of positive descriptions of spring, yours included I'm drawn to such a lively season. I read from a christian writer that gardening is one of the most beneficial exercises anyone could have. I enjoyed reading your faves. Happy Friday!

Islandsparrow said...

Sorry you've had a rough week - it really does help to count the good things when we're in rough times even though it's not always easy. But it brightens my mood and changes my perspective when I do it. I'm glad you're enjoying Spring colour - we are too although it's not all out here yet. We have daffodils and crocuses, green grass, hyacinths and maple buds. A few more weeks and the leaves will be popping. So fun to watch it!

Your husband sounds like mine - he also loves to garden - and we love to eat it!

Happy weekend - and welcome to FFF :)

Laura said...

#3 is great -- real, not plastic. So true.

Daffodils, hyacinths -- sounds lovely.

Hope next week is as great for you.

Heidi... said...

Thanks for the comment on my new blog look. Honestly, I like it too. I feel like I keep getting a closer and closer representation of who I am. The picture of the kids on the beach was close but I think this is easier to read. Still "fine-tuning". I'll probably fine-tune it to death and get sick of it and go for yet another look. ; )


Susanne said...

Welcome to FFF! Sorry you had a rough week. Hope the reflecting back of FFF helped to uplift you.

Always wonderful to have friends who encourage you to be yourself.

I don't enjoy gardening so much but sure love the fresh vegetables. Nice you have a hubby who does it.

Hope you join us again!

Willow said...

Welcome to FFF, Heidi! You're right that focusing on the positive parts of the week helps is important. It seems that the not-so-positive parts are brought in to perspective.

I remember those days of attending the homeschool conventions and learning so much from them. It's been awhile since my homeschoolers were still homeschooling.

Have a great weekend in the garden!

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