Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just stuff

I have a lot of “stuff” rolling around in my mind – some things that are blog-worthy, others not so much.  But, I’ve also got a lot to do and very little time.  So, I thought I’d just do another random post and share a few things ---

  • Diana @ The Girl Creative is working on a little blog makeover for me (it’s my Happy 40th Birthday to me gift!)  I’m excited to reveal it – hopefully soon!  (Thanks, by the way, to everyone who has recently told me that my  blog looks nice – you’re all very sweet – I just haven’t felt like it’s “home” yet.  The new look should help.)
  • The sun is shining and I think it’s supposed to warm up in our part of the world today.  The past few days have been WINDY and chilly – and I’m ready for a change.  I’m anxious to sit out on my front porch in the evenings with a book and a glass of water (or a cup of coffee) and “just be” for awhile.
  • I found the neatest project the other day while blog surfing. I think these would make great Mother’s Day gifts (plus, I wouldn’t mind having one – or a whole group – for myself!)  So, the plan is to go to the local hardware store and thrift shop this afternoon and get to work crafting.  I’ll be sure to take pictures to share!
  • This morning, I found this recipe that looks very yummy and rather simple. My stomach is  growling so maybe I’m just really hungry, but I think I’ll be making this for supper tonight.  With the exception of the cheese, I’ve already got all the ingredients (and I’ve got other cheeses here that would make find substitutes).
  • Quicksand and Platypus’s are quite interesting. Just sayin’ . . .  I was never really into unit studies until I started helping to create them.  More on this adventure later . . .
  • There’s still time to sign up for my SodaStream giveaway.  I’ll be doing the random drawing tomorrow and revealing the winner.  It  could be YOU! I just have to say that we are enjoying our SodaStream so much that I ordered 2 more CO2 tanks and a few more bottles of the flavored mix last week.  The UPS man brought them yesterday!
  • If soda isn’t your thing, maybe you’d prefer winning this or this. Keep a watch on my blog over the next few weeks, as I’ll be giving away BOTH of these awesome prizes (to 2 lucky winners!)  


Tristan said...

Heidi, you do know these little hints about the unit study mystery are KILLING me, right? Please, please, please tell me more soon - or send me something to see and review (hehe!). You have my email, I know you do!

Karen said...

Heidi~ I printed out the same chicken recipe...can't wait til we try it also....We've been spending more time outdoors too, but you're right, it's been quite chilly and windy....can't wait for it to warm up a bit more...Have a great night~Karen

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