Friday, May 28, 2010

Safety Tats Review

I had never heard of Safety Tats before, but this review opportunity came just in time.  Why?  Because my Safety Tats arrived in the mail last week, and we left for Florida on Friday.  So, this post comes to you LIVE from the Orlando area – home to Mickey Mouse.

Have you ever lost your child in a public place?  We have. We were at a local amusement park – many years ago – Ashley was on a ride and when she got off of it, she disappeared.  I was trying really hard not to panic as Brian and I searched all around for her.  Fortunately, some kind lady had her and was trying to help her find us.  I remember that experience like it was yesterday.

With Safety Tats, you don’t have to worry about situations like this.  Had Ashley been wearing a Safety Tat that day, the kind lady could have simply called us on our cell phone and we would have been quickly reunited (for the record, I think she was only gone from us for maybe 3 minutes total – but when you’re the worried parent, it seems like much longer.  Also, this particular incident happened before cell phones were so popular.)

When choosing with Original Safety Tat I wanted to review, I went with the Rocket and Butterfly Boy/Girl Tat Two-Pack.  I wanted something that would work for both Gracie and Ian for our days in the Disney parks.  Gracie’s 9, and could easily memorize our cell phone numbers;  however, she’s also extremely shy and reserved, and I don’t know how she’d act in a situation where she might be lost from us.  Ian’s 4, and I’m sure he’d be way too busy screaming to worry about a phone number.  So, with Safety Tats on their arms, both kids know that if something would happen and they’d get separated from us, they need just go to any park employee and show them their tatoo. 

The Original Safety Tats will last for up to 5 days (though they suggest applying a new one daily). These come in packs of 24 for $19.99.  Various styles are available to choose from.

We also received a 3-pack sampler of the Quick Stick Write-On! Safety Tats.  These are neat because they don’t require any water to adhere, and they will last for up to 2 weeks.  Actually, they are much like a good-quality bandage.  You receive a marker with them to write your own cell number on it.  These are great when you’re in a hurry, or when there isn’t water available to apply the Original Safety Tats.  Packs of 18 can be purchased for $19.99 and are available in a variety of styles.

Is there a monetary value on Mom’s peace of mind or your child’s safety?  I think it’s priceless!  I would definitely recommend Safety Tats to anyone who has young children and does much traveling. They are perfect for day trips and field trips also. 

NOTE: I received these Safety Tats from the manufacturer, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review of them. This is a MamaBuzz review.

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