Monday, June 7, 2010

Destination Disney Summer Fun

This week’s Destination Disney topic is:
What was your favorite Summer experience at Disney?
Do you have a favorite summer event that Disney sponsors?

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I love Disney and have been to Walt Disney World 6 times over the course of my 40 years.  However, I’ve never been to Disney in the summer months.  Our last trip – just a few weeks ago – was as close as it gets for me – being there the last week of May.  So, my ideas are just that – ideas – or things I’ve gleaned from others or had fun with in the cooler months.

Lindsay from The Cross-Stitch House shared some great pictures and thoughts on the Disney waterparks (something we’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy) – I’d encourage checking out her post!

I love watching the fountains at Disney.  They don’t necessarily cool you off (though some do – there are dancing sidewalk fountains at both EPCOT and Downtown Disney – and maybe some others that I haven’t discovered). Just watching the fountains is relaxing and fun – I wish I lived in Florida and could go to Disney more often and just take my time. 

Kali River Rapids is an awesome cool-down summer ride!  We didn’t go to Animal Kingdom on this last trip – but Ashley did. She rode Kali and got soaked – but it was a HOT day and probably felt great!  We rode it with her on her first trip to Disney – when she was 5 – it was February/March and NOT warm enough to get so wet – but the ride was not yet open “officially” and we couldn’t pass up the sneak-peek opportunity. :)

Something that I think would be an amazing opportunity for Florida residents – or anyone planning a summer Disney vacation – is the Youth Education Series (aka Y.E.S.)

And because I’m not an expert on Summer Fun at Disney, I’m going to leave the really good advice up to the rest of YOU!  I’ll leave you with this picture – taken at Hollywood Studios – of Gracie with the giant Coke bottle. If you stand by this thing at the right time, you just might get wet (and in the warm summer months, it feels quite nice!)

Florida 2010 290

*I’ll be continuing my series of posts about our recent Disney trip throughout this week.  Be sure to check back!


Lindsay-ann said...

Love this picture of Gracie and the coke bottle. Thanks for your comment. You MUST go to the water parks next time. We love them. We visited last April and it was warm enough during the day to enjoy them although in the evenings it was a bit too cold. I have never heard of the Y.E.S. I will have to check it out.

Debbie said...

We've never been to WDW in the summer either. I like to avoid the heat and crowds! We did go once the first week of September and it was hot!

I am a wimp about the wet rides like Kali River Rapids and Splash mountain. I love them, but I wear a rain poncho to avoid getting soaked. The cast members usually laugh at me!

Cathy said...

I've gotten wet at that Coke bottle before. I love those little misty places. Kali River Rapids is a fun ride too!

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