Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Meeting an amazing lady!

Last Thursday, we left home at 4am to set out on our trip to Florida.  We had a goal in mind for that first day – to travel approximately 12 hours so that we could visit and spend the night with a friend and fellow Crew member, Renee Walker from Wynfield’s Musings. I met Renee 2 years ago when we were doing the selections for the First Ever Homeschool Crew.  I was very impressed by her writing – her reviews were informative and very well-written, earning her an immediate spot on the Crew.  What you might find amazing about Renee is that she is DeafBlind!  She has thanked me for allowing her this opportunity to be a part of the Crew, and I have assured her over and over again that I am the one who has been blessed!

Florida 2010 001 Anyway, we made a quick pit stop at a McDonald’s along the way to meet another Crew member – Cindy from Fenced in Family.  Cindy willingly drove an hour out of her way, just to meet me (which I find extremely flattering).  What these ladies don’t know is that meeting them is every bit as exciting for me as it is for them!  Cindy also started the Crew with the Maiden Voyage and returned as a First Mate for Year 2.  I’m excited to have her returning for Year 3 and look forward to working with her more in the days to come. 

Florida 2010 398 Now back to Renee --- amazingly, we made it the entire way to her house with very little complaining from the kids!  We made much better time than we (or Renee) expected.  I don’t think she was quite ready for company, but she welcomed us with open arms.  She’s got a beautiful home with a gorgeous view of the lake across the street.  I’d love to wake up to this view every morning! 

Florida 2010 408 My kids enjoyed feeding the fish in the fishpond that Renee and her husband have in their backyard (beside the pool!)  Renee kindly allowed them to feed the fish that evening and the next morning – they both thought that was pretty cool!  We’ve been wanting to put in a fishpond for some time now, and this has inspired us just a bit.  Maybe someday . . .

We spent Friday morning getting acquainted with Renee, her hubby Scott, and son Brendan.  We played a cool game called Pass the Pigs.  We laughed a lot!

Florida 2010 412 Saturday morning, we were greeted with a lovely Southern breakfast spread, complete with 2 kinds of bacon, pancakes, scrambled eggs, biscuits, and grits.  I promised to try them – and I did.  Renee says she can tell that I didn’t like them!  You would be amazed if you spent some time with Renee – she has this amazing sixth sense – she just knows what’s going on around her and can sense peoples’ moods, etc. 

Florida 2010 413 I almost hated to leave!  (And if it weren’t for the fact that we were headed to Florida to see Mickey – and some other friends – I might not have!)  I knew that if this visit were any indication of the rest of our trip, it was going to be great.  And, it was.  But, more on that in a later post! 

Renee has gained Lifetime Membership Status in the Homeschool Crew.  If you have a child with any type of special needs, I’d very much encourage you to read her reviews.  She teaches special needs children and has adapted various curriculum and resources to meet their needs.  I’m sure you’ll find her reviews quite interesting!

Renee~ Thanks for your hospitality and friendship!


All American x5 said...

Oh How Fun! She seems like a neat lady!

Wonderful experiences for sure.

Penny said...

I'm so jealous that you got to meet Renee & Cindy! Renee is a big inspiration to me!

Anonymous said...

Heidi, you made me cry. We thoroughly enjoyed having you. Cooking and serving your family was a delight for me. I even enjoyed you trying to eat grits and be polite. LOL You are a special person yourself, Heidi. You serve the Lord graciously and honestly that is why I chose the name sign I gave you. The Lord did see that you did well with the little He gave you and rewarded you with more responsibilities. He continues to be pleased with you. Stay the way you are my friend. We soar by resting on the palm of His hand.
Penny, thank you. Your inspiration is from the Lord. He is the one who gives me reason to shine in the dark silence.

Mrs. Mandy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog during the blog walk. I loved reading about your trip. We have been unable to have any kind of vacation since my hubby has been in the military except once to Virginia which my baby and I got food poisoning upon our arrival and we had to pretty much go back home the next day. I have a question, how did you and Renee communicate? Please don't think I am rude. You see my son who is 8 took immediately to sign like a duck to water when we began using sign with my daughter and he had the same question when we were talking about the different reasons one might use sign language. (Future Interpreter, maybe!!!)

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