Monday, June 7, 2010

The World of Chemistry by John Hudson Tiner

exploring-chemistry Chemistry is an amazing branch of science that affects us every day, yet few people realize it, or even give it much thought. Without chemistry, there would be nothing made of plastic, there would be no rubber tires, no tin cans, no television, no microwave ovens, or something as simple as wax paper.

This book presents an exciting and intriguing tour through the realm of chemistry as each chapter unfolds with facts and stories about the discoveries and discoverers. Find out why pure gold is not used for jewelry or coins. Join Humphry Davy as he made many chemical discoveries, and learn how they shortened his life. See how people in the 1870s could jump over the top of the Washington Monument.

Exploring the World of Chemistry brings science to life and is a wonderful learning tool with many illustrations, biographical information, chapter tests, and an index for easy referencing.

160 pages • 8 1/2 x 11 • Paperback • Includes Black & White illustrations

Other books in this series can be found here.

Heidi Says . . . This book came to us at exactly the right time.  My 16 year old daughter and I were plugging away at chemistry and wondering why in the world we were wasting our time!  John Hudson Tiner’s Exploring the World of Chemistry actually makes sense!  Now, we not only know why people study chemistry, but we also understand how various things are made. We learned how chemistry ties in with a lot of the things that we are using in our day-to-day lives.  And, guess what?  We’re pretty amazed by chemistry now!

If you’re trudging along through chemistry with no end in sight, I’d highly recommend adding this book as a supplement to whatever chemistry curriculum you are using.  It’s very simple to read, there are black and white illustrations throughout, and each (short) chapter concludes with a question section (these work great for quizzes). 

I will definitely consider adding more books in this series to our school shelves in the future.


Debbie said...

We love his books. We read the Chemistry one this year with our chemistry study. I bought the Exploring Planet Earth one at a used book sale for our local support group for $3.

I may have another one on the selves too. I just looked at his other ones through the link on your post. I will definitely be getting the Physics one, maybe soon, we may be doing Physics next year. I don't think we have the biology one either.

Great review. Great Products.

Hidden Jewel said...

I purchased several of these books through Library and Educational Services at a good price. I wish we were able to plug them better into our studies though. Seems like what we have takes up so much time already.

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