Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ashley’s 11th Grade Curriculum Listing

Several weeks ago, I shared our choices for Gracie’s school year.  I had several people comment or e-mail asking me to please share what we had selected for Ashley for this year.  I was waiting until I had everything I needed before posting.  Now, I do; so here goes ---

26603 For math, we will be finishing up Abeka’s Consumer Mathematics (which we purchased about 1/2 way through last year, when we got frustrated with accounting!)  Ashley’s short stint in the public school system totally destroyed any appreciation for math that I had tried to establish in the early years (K-2); so I have been trying to pick up the pieces ever since.  I’m really pleased with this program.  I took it myself (as a “time filler”), so I knew it was practical and would end up being helpful to her in life.  She likes it too, so we’re all good!

For language arts, Ashley is using Total Language Plus guides.  We looked at the TLP booths at two conventions and perused the website and catalog several times before we made our final decisions.  She actually decided to do FOUR studies this year, so her year is going to be quite full.  We chose Around the World in 80 Days, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, and The Scarlet Letter.  Let’s just say it’s a good thing she loves to read and enjoys language arts!

logo Ashley loves to write and spends a great deal of her spare time writing.  I had considered having her follow along with the Write with the Best program that Gracie is going to be doing, but the writing activities in the Around the World in 80 Days seemed pretty intense for the start of the year.  Then, the Crew had opportunity to review Time4Writing, a new program from the Time4Learning people.  So, I got her signed up for a High School Essay Writing course, which actually starts now.  So, she needs to get busy on that.  We’re both looking forward to seeing how this goes.  I think the more structured classroom-type setting and  teacher feedback will be really good for her.

marine bio set Here in PA, I believe only 3 science credits are required for graduation.  Ashley’s got those already, so I have allowed her to take charge of her science choices.  She chose Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Marine Biology.  I think we’re going to skip the  dissection labs (maybe try to find some of them to view online).  She’s really looking forward to this course, so I hope she likes it.

aah2_cover-145x150 For history, we’ll continue using All American History – doing Volume 2 this year.  We’ve got some fun supplements planned to go along with this study, so I’m really looking forward to it.  I like all the extra research projects that are encouraged for the upper grades.  And it’s nice that this is adaptable for all ages, so that we can do history together with both girls.  I love history!

understand-constitution At the Midwest Convention in Cincinnati, I picked up a copy of Understanding the Constitution (book and workbook) from the Christian Law Association.  We’re planning to use this for Government.  I saw on their website that they have a similar set available called One Nation Under God30450 I think I might order that one too and extend our study. I also have Larry Burkett’s Money Matters for Teens book and workbook here.  I think we’ll use that to finish out the year – economics and an extension of consumer math.

Ashley has expressed an interest in learning Greek this year, and I was thrilled.  I took a very advanced Greek course in high school, so I contacted the principal of my school to ask what they are using for Greek these days, and he offered to give me some Greek materials.   We visited the school yesterday and picked up enough stuff for TWO years of Greek!  I think that we’ll start this year off with a curriculum that he wrote, then move into next year using the Machen Greek text (which is what I used).

While there, I also talked to him about catechism.  He gave me a book that he put together for the school, which contains all the catechism questions along with a 4-year Bible memory rotation schedule (and tons of music for the Bible-set-to-song).  I’m excited to incorporate the Bible memory and catechism into our school year.

We also have some supplemental materials that we’ll be using here and there throughout the year this year (things we’ve received from working with the Crew, etc.):

  • Building Thinking Skills, both Verbal and Figural, from The Critical Thinking Co.
  • The Complete Career, College, and High School Guide for Homeschoolers from EDUDPS (we already did most of this)
  • College Prep Genius
  • Light Speed DVD’s

That’s pretty much Ashley’s year.  I’m sure we’ll mix things up here and there throughout the year, because we always do.  But, we’re pretty excited about our choices.

I am wanting to do some more structured work with Ian (4) this year as well.  I’ll try to post about some of my plans with him in an upcoming post.


Debbie said...

Sounds like a good line up. I love her TLP book choices! Jane Eyre has been one of my favorites since I first read it at 11!

All American x5 said...

Sounds great.

You should check out for some great supplemental things for the study on the Constitution. This whole week was all about the Constitution and America. They have some great audio and downloadable resources.

Melissa said...

Bridgette did TLP's Around the World in Eighty Days last year (in 8th grade) and really loved it. It's a fun story...we found the vocabulary challenging, but for her as a writer it was good, she came away with some great new words that she can incorporate into her writing! She'll be doing Apologia's Marine Biology when she get to 11th grade too!

Julia M. Reffner said...

I'm a new homeschooler and I love hearing people's curriculum picks. Thanks for sharing. I've heard such good things about Apologia.

Heidi said...

Great plan! I really need to get going on finalizing what we are doing for fall. It is right around the corner!

Jodi said...

The marine biology looks great. I love Apologia. I enjoyed reading what Ashley's going to be doing this year!

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