Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ashley’s finally got a bookshelf!

We’re book hogs in this house – seriously!  We all love books!  We have a ton of them and we keep getting more.  It’s an addiction, of sorts, I suppose (I think  it’s one that many homeschool families can relate to).

Anyway, last spring, when we remodeled our attic to make it into a bedroom for Ashley, she ended up bookshelf-less.  It was all we could do to get her bed and humongous dresser/wardrobe up those steps – there was no way we were going to move her 2 very heavy bookshelves as well.  So, Gracie inherited them.  And, as for Ashley --- her books have been stuffed into 2 large crates that I had leftover from my Home & Garden Party days. 

Enter CSN Stores ---

A few weeks ago, I shared that I would be receiving a product from CSN Stores to review.  I said that it was something for Ashley’s room; and that, if you knew me pretty well, you could probably guess what it would be.  Did anyone guess a BOOKSHELF? 

summer 090

The bookshelf came quickly and was fairly simple to put together.  I will say this though --- the directions for assembly were a bit too basic for me.  Basically, it was just a picture with a few marks on it – no actual written directions.  As a result, when we first started putting it together, we had the one side backwards; and ended up having to unscrew all the screws we had installed, turn the side over, and start again.

summer 089 All in the all, though, the process probably only took about 20-25 minutes; and the end result is a very sturdy 4-shelf bookshelf that houses most of Ashley’s books and some of her stereo equipment.  It fits quite nicely in the window alcove of her room.  She’s thrilled with it – and so am I.  Here you can see it from a different angle.  (This angle makes it obvious to me that we need to get that girl some curtains!)

I’d recommend CSN Stores.  They have EVERYTHING your little heart could possibly desire!

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DORCAS said...

Nice! I can't wait to have our classroom up. I need bookshelves!



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