Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #97

FFF blue

I have to say that this is probably my favorite meme to participate in because, even when I’ve had what I’d consider to be a crappy week, it encourages me to reflect back and find just 5 things that have been positive.  I can usually end up thinking of more than 5, which is great – it just means my week wasn’t really as bas as I thought.

(one) I’m going to steal Suzanne’s #5 here.  Gracie is, all of a sudden, really into nail polish, and it’s so much fun.  I’m a toenails only nail painter too (polish never stays on my fingernails for more than a few hours).  We’ve got some really fun summer colors – I have a purple Sally Hanson one that’s pretty and Gracie picked out some Funky Fingers brights at Five Below yesterday.

(two) Yesterday we went on our first field trip of the school year.  I was in need of some time away from the house, and it was just the ticket.  (Pictures later in another post.)

(three)  While at Five Below, we picked up some squirt guns.  I forgot how much fun they could be!  Gracie and I filled up 5 of them last night and went outside and attacked Brian while he was mowing the yard.  Of course, we squirted each other too!  It was great fun – not to mention refreshing!

(four) Our blackberry bush is just filled with berries.  I was going to attempt to make jam – and still hope to – but decided to pick a bunch last night and make a blackberry cobbler.  The berries were so sweet that the sugar called for in the recipe made the cobbler actually too sweet.  These berries are HUGE!

(five) Ice packs.  This seems kinda silly, but Ian fell on the stairs this afternoon (hardwood) and cracked his lip open and it swelled up HUGE!  Thankfully, we have a nice little Lightning McQueen icepack that he willingly held on his lip for probably an hour – the swelling has gone done (it’s still big!)  Bless his little heart!


Jerralea said...

Hmmm... you're the second person to mention blackberry jam. Maybe I should make some!

I love nail polish too. I've never worn purple but maybe it's time to give it a try.

Squirting your husband with a squirt guy when he's mowing - what a fun idea!

Rebecca (me!) said...

I'll have to remember the water-gun fight while hubby is mowing, as well.
Tomorrow, my oldest has a date with Dad all day...I think I will give my daughter a mani/pedi while her little brother has his down time...that sounds like fun (it's been a while for some 'time'!~
Thanks for the inspiration...sorry you had a crappy week.....I've been there with ya...let's dig eachother out!

Anonymous said...

Blackberry jam sounds wonderful. :) I only have one berry on my "bush," that I planted last summer. I'm not thinking my own plant will yield enough for jam. lol

I can't wait to see your field trip pictures. We haven't done a field trip in awhile and I will live vicariously through you. :)

Thanks for sharing your fave five with us all. Praying for Ian's lip to go down very soon.

Sheri said...

I simply cannot imagine why your week was crappy-its not like you hold down a boat load of responsibilities or anything like that [bit encrypted there heh? trying to be delicate]-LOL (altho it wasn't laughing good times then heh?)-sorry it wasn't so swell. I hope that this coming one is much better for you!

and well, I like that meme idea-finding a few reasons that are positive...nice.

Hugs to you dear and I expect some of that jam to arrive upon my doorstep, neatly packaged soon-:0)

Hope Ian's boo-boo is better!

Brenda said...

The nail polish colors this year are so fun. I've got my eye on a bright pink I want to buy.

Blackberries sound wonderful!

Susanne said...

Hope Ian's lip is all right and that swelling is now gone. Lip owies hurt! Thumbs up for Lightning McQueen ice packs to help!

Squirt guns are so much fun. We play with them with the dayhome kids all the time. This week I'm even going to put some watered down tempra paint in them and let them do squirt pictures.

You know I'm smiling about the purple toe nail polish! :v)

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