Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #100

100th post

Suzanne @ Living to Tell the Story is celebrating the 100th edition of her Friday’s Fave Five meme.  I’m going to celebrate with her  because, although I came upon this meme late and don’t get to participate every week, it’s been such an encouragement to me. 

Looking back on the past weeks and being able to reflect on the blessings has been a great exercise.  Like Suzanne said, some weeks it’s hard to narrow it down to just five; while other weeks it may be hard to find five things.  No matter what the mood for the week, though, finding the five blessings always proves to put a smile on my face and make me feel better about my life.

So, here are five things that I’m thankful for this past week - - -

1. Last Sunday, Ashley was baptized.  What mom wouldn’t  be proud?  She stood up front at church and shared her testimony, prior to being baptized.  She’s now a member of the church.  She’s a great girl, and I’m so proud that she’s mine.

2. summer 308 Last Saturday, we joined in our town’s 200th anniversary celebration by participating in some fun events, including a bus tour of some of the historical sites in our area.  The tour ended at a place called Ridge Rock.  From that vantage point, I could look down and see my house quite well.  I have to admit that I’m often frustrated with my house and wish for a newer and/or bigger house.  But something about that tour and seeing my house from “the air” made me glad that I, at least, have a house to live in, and that we’ve been able to make it a home. 

3. Brian and my dad left on Monday morning for a week in Iowa.  We miss them, but I’m thankful that they have been able to make this trip several times over the past years, that they have fun, and that they get along so well.  (They’ll be home Sunday night – late!)

4. God’s timing.  I’ve been reading through my Bible, following the Bible in 90 Days schedule.  I started a few days before the target start date, and by Wednesday I was almost finished with the book of Psalms.  A few weeks ago, not even really giving it much thought at the time, I ordered tickets for my mom, the kids, and me to see Psalms of David at Sight & Sound.  The  timing couldn’t have been any more perfect, as the Psalms were so fresh on my mind. 

5. And last, but not least, I’m thankful to Suzanne for faithfully hosting this meme.  There has  been a lot of less-than-pleasant things going on in my life over the past several months, and her encouragement to find my blessings has been so wonderful!  Here’s to another 100 weeks!


Berry Patch said...

This is one of my favorite memes. I agree. Sometimes I have way too many and sometimes it's hard to find five. And those weeks are when I find the sweetest blessings.

Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

What amazing blessings! I never heard of this meme, but I could use it! It is so important to look at the positive things in life, especially when there are things going on that could bring us down.

I am a new follower from the homeschool hop- Stop by sometime!

ellen b said...

wonderful things to be thankful for Heidi! Congratulations on your daughters baptism. Baptisms are one of my favorite things to experience!! Blessings on all of you...

Sheri said...

I could not leave out this chick-she is something to behold and I need sunglasses to look upon her inner beauty and blazing hot talent...oh and I am hoping that shameless attempt at buttering up a TOS employee will help me win that contest. LOL
Seriously tho, gave ya an award-available here for pickup

Brenda said...

Congratulations on Ashley getting baptized, such an important step.

Sounds like a good week.

momma24 said...

Love the list. Our third dd is studying to get baptized soon. It is so special to shepherd our children. What a privilege.

Laura said...

What a great memory -- your daughter's baptism. So special. We've been to Sight and Sound. We loved it!

I'm a big fan of FFF, too. Have a great week ahead!

Susanne said...

Congratulations to your daughter. How exciting and what a big step for her!

I love historical tours. Your house looks lovely from "the air". :v)

Thank you for participating so faithfully in FFF. It's always a pleasure to see your posts pop up in the Linky!

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