Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #105

I think I missed Friday’s Fave Five last week.  Wonder if that means I need to post Ten this week?  Hmm . . . Anyway, here are some of the things that I’m especially thankful for this week - - -

{one} a family gathering with Brian’s family last Saturday.  It’s always good to get together with his family and catch up.  It’s especially nice to see all the little ones that have been added to the family in recent years. 

{two} a family gathering with my family on Monday.  We got together at my grandparent’s home (they are no longer living) and had a cook-out around an open fire.  The kids loving playing in the “stream” (which is mostly dried up due to lack of rain).  It’s nice to make new memories there, to add to all the old ones from my childhood.

{three} music – I know I’ve probably mentioned music in past posts, but I just love it!  Gracie started her fall session of both violin and piano this past week.  It’s fun to listen to her practice and improve each week.  Ashley’s excited at the possibility of starting voice lessons, which is something she’s been wanting to do for quite some time (praying that works out).

{four} books – I love to read!  Lately I’ve had opportunity to read some books “just because” rather than the ones that I have to read to review.  It’s been kinda nice.

{friends} God has abundantly blessed me this past year – with plenty of opportunities to spend time with friends from far away.  I think He’s helping to compensate for the loss of Sue in my life – whatever the reason, it’s been such a blessing!  My friend Wendy purchased tickets to come and visit us for a week in November!  SO looking forward to that!


Beth said...

I love family get togethers especially those revolving around food!

Heidi... said...

Love to read!! Isn't it so much sweeter when you can read what you want to read rather than "have to" books. ; )

Have a great weekend!!

Carrie said...

OH yes...isn't it so nice to be able to read "just because" sometimes. I've been working hard to get back to that because that's when I enjoy myself the most!

Sounds like you'll have a wonderful time with your friend this fall. God is good to tend to wounds.

Hope you have just as great an upcoming weekend as you did last weekend! Sounds like fun!

Laura said...

Family gatherings, books, music -- you can't get much better than that. Hope next week is filled with those again.

Susanne said...

I love family gatherings. And two in one weekend? Sounds like it was a fun time.

I love reading too and sometimes take on a tad bit too many for reviewing. I always love it when I can read those "just because" ones too.

fruitfulwords said...

Friends and family get-togethers have been a theme for us FFF gals. Certainly these are among the best of life's gifts and blessings.

Usually my reading is also "must" reads. So glad you've been able to read for fun and just because. I hope more opportunities present themselves.

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