Monday, October 25, 2010

10 Years of Blessings

This past weekend, we celebrated a momentous occasion in our family - - -

Gracie’s 10th Anniversary

fall2010 048

Ten years ago, on October 23, 2000, Brian and I entered the complex at the Bac Ninh Nurturing Center in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, and met our 2nd daughter for the very first time.  We held that little 4 month old baby in our arms, and we went through the official ceremony to make her our own (even though God had already done that in our hearts long before).

I cannot imagine our lives without Gracie in them.  She brings a lot of joy to our home.  She’s always making beautiful music for us to enjoy – both on the piano and the violin.  She loves creating things with her hands – whether it be drawing things or working on the knitting loom to create hats and scarves.

When I returned to Vietnam in 2006 to adopt Ian, I brought back 5 Ao Dais for Gracie (traditional Vietnamese outfits).  I seriously thought they would last her into adulthood.  NOT!  The one she is wearing in the picture above is the largest one I purchased!  She loves them, so I need to make some connections to get her some new ones.  :) 

Anyway  - - -

Happy Anniversary, Gracie!


SayRah said...

Awww! Gracie is beautiful, and I am so glad that God made a place in your life and hearts for her. I think adoption is so wonderful and great!

Carrie said...

Happy Anniversary! =) We're coming up on our first anniversary for our little guy. I can't believe how quickly the first year went (in the end.) =)

What a beautiful post!

Breezy Point Mom said...

Congratulations, Heidi. This is too wonderful a post for me to not stop by and leave a comment. What wonderful memories we both have. Didn't know Gracie had so many varied talents and interests. What a blessing for your family. I hope you had a wonderful Gotcha Day. We certainly did, and I, too, wrote a similar post this week. I can't believe we have been parents for ten years!

momma24 said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful bringing together of a family. She is just beautiful!

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