Saturday, October 23, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 13

And now I’m caught up! 

Today’s Topic = Goals

I don’t have any goals written down, but I guess I do have some in my heart and mind - - -

  1. To homeschool my kids through graduation
  2. To raise children that follow God and make a difference in the world
  3. To always do and be my best at my job
  4. To figure out how to get my house all cleaned up and keep it that way
  5. To always strive to be a better Christian

I’m sure there are lots more like wanting to become one of those old people who winters in Florida!  But these are what immediately come to mind.


Kit said...

Great goals! Really inspiring!

Aimee said...

I love all of your goals. I would love to homeschool my future children someday too. I always feel like I'm never going to want them to leave me to go to school, so they can just have school at home :) Awesome goals!

SayRah said...

Wonderful goals! Home-schooling is awesome; and I strive DAILY to keep my home in order AND to be a better Christian. Day by day, my friend. :)

BARBIE said...

If you figure out the answer to #4, please share! Blessings!

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