Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 16

Today’s Topic = My Dream House

Once upon a time. . . or I should say, back in my teen years  . . . my dream home was an old house with great woodwork throughout and lots of character. 

Well, guess what?  I’m living in it.  And, it’s not my dream home anymore.  There are aspects about my house that I just love – including the woodwork (which cannot be duplicated today without a huge price tag) and my big front porch; but there are lots of  other things that are increasingly frustrating to me:

  • lack of closet space (we have closets, but they are WAY small)
  • too many windows (really limits the way you can arrange a room)
  • old heaters/registers (or whatever you want to call them) – even though we have nice covers for ours now, they are still major space hogs!
  • plaster walls – if you’ve ever tried to hang a picture on plaster walls, you know what I’m getting at here
  • “2 car garages” in 1929 do not equal a 2 car garage in the 2000’s! 

But that’s enough complaining about my house!  My dream house would have at least 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths.  It would also have a family room and a room that would be suitable for a homeschool classroom.  A library would be a huge plus!  A 2-car ATTACHED garage would be a must! 


Debbie said...

You seem very easy to please Heidi. You should see the detailed list of stuff I want for my Dream Home... I Dream BIG!!! I will probably never get most of it but if you're gonna dream why not dream big, I always say. My Dream Home would have all the things you mentioned... and much, much more... and I probably forgot something. LOL

SayRah said...

Oh I LIBRARY would be ideal for me! My bookshelves are way over-crowded! :)

Katie K. said...

Love the idea of having a classroom since you homeschool!

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