Wednesday, October 13, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3

Today’s Topic = Your First Love

My mom has a picture of me and the little neighbor boy kissing when we were like 2 years old.  Does that count?  I did have a crush on him throughout much of my elementary school years. 

donny-osmond-200-090308My first celebrity crush was this guy - - -  followed shortly thereafter with crushes on Shaun Cassidy, Andy Gibb, and all those other adorable heartthrobs of the 70’s.  LOL

I had some crushes through high school, but no serious “love” relationships. 

Florida 2010 033 So, in all honesty, my hubby is my first love.  Kinda boring maybe, but true.  (You know, like those people who have those amazing Christian testimonies – as opposed to those, like me, who were raised in a Christian home and just became a Christian the easy way!) 

Stay tuned - - - tomorrow I’ll introduce you to my parents! :) 


Gayle said...

Not boring at all!!
Very, very precious, in fact. :)

Shannon said...

And they called it, Puppy Looooooooove haha

Sheri said...

Did ya watch the Donny and Marie show too? LOL I was like into Rob Lowe, had a poster of him on my ceiling so I could see him first thing in the morn and last before I shut my eyes at nite-too funny.

And very precious that your hubby gets this honor. :0)

Andi said...

Oh boy Heidi, I was so into Donny Osmond! I had his records, watched the show, even had purple socks. Funny enough my parents re-located to UT for a job and my brother was out there for a visit and he works for a company that does paintless dent removal. Anyway, he was driving around UT and fixed Donny's car. I was sooo Jealous! He didn't even get me an autograph! :((

Katie K. said...

I agree, so precious!

BARBIE said...

Ha ha! I think we had the same celebrity crushes. I was head over heals for Donny myself! So thankful your hubby is your one true love!

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