Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dog Barf on My Bed? What Next?!

If you’re here for a cheery inspirational and uplifting post, this one isn’t it.  Just FYI.

My week got off to a great start.  I mean, yesterday morning, my e-mail inbox was full of e-mails that not only frustrated me, but made me feel stupid.  I don’t like that feeling.  It gives me a headache; and, thanks to the weather, I’ve been having quite enough headaches lately. 

I feel like I’ve been dealing with a lot of confrontation lately too.  I hate confrontation. I’m starting to feel like, no matter what I do, it’s making somebody mad.  As I was contemplating this, I got to thinking that people sometimes get mad for the wrong reasons.  You know, feelings are overrated.  I could go into a long rabbit-trail with this because I’ve got lots of thoughts rolling around in my mind right now.  But, instead, I’ll just say this --- if I’ve done something that causes you to want to confront me, please stop and think before doing so – is God frowning?  Because, if not, I’d prefer you leave well enough alone.  Thank you very much. 

fall 2010 007

Our dog Sallie has a lump on her cheek that the vet wants to remove.  Since they have to put her under anyway, we opted to have her fixed at the same time.  So, Brian took her in last night, and they’ll do the surgery sometime today.  We took Lizzie up to bed with us last night (she normally sleeps in her pen because the dogs won’t let each other alone!)  I woke up at about 2am and thought I felt a wet sensation at my foot.  That’s never good.  I reached down into something.  Ugh!  Dog barf!  Or diarrhea – it’s still a toss-up.  Totally gross – and, if it weren’t bad enough – there were 3 piles of it, not just one.  Don’t you just love stripping beds in the middle of the night?!  While Brian was cleaning up the mess, I was stripping the bedspread and the sheets.  Lizzie, in the meantime, decided to puke again – on the mattress pad – so that had to go too.  So, not only did we have to strip the entire bed and put on clean sheets – I had to go digging in the storage space for another bedspread AND we had to flip the mattress. 

Afterwards, I just laid in bed, thinking, and laughing.  See, today is Brian’s 42nd birthday.  It’s also the 7-month anniversary of my best friend Sue’s passing.  I just started shaking with laughter because I think I commented yesterday that “tomorrow will be a better day”, yet it was getting off to a pretty rocky start at 2am.  Happy Birthday to Brian! 

Now, I’m wondering, in addition to the fact that I’ve now got lots of extra laundry and my washing machine isn’t spinning out properly, what more might go wrong today?  I don’t even want to think about it.  I don’t want to sit around and dwell on the negative all the time.  So, here are a few positives:

  • Brian made it to his 42nd birthday!  (all the snoring he does, he’s lucky he wasn’t smothered by now – just sayin’ . . .)
  • Besides Ian’s broken leg (which he’s getting around on quite nicely now), my kids are all healthy
  • It’s raining, but it can’t rain forever, can it?
  • I have a friend with a big washing machine who just kindly offered to help me wash my bedspread. :) 
  • We have a field trip planned for tomorrow.  I think some time away from the house is in order!

If you’re new to my blog, I promise that most of my posts aren’t this depressing.  Just keepin’ it real. . .


Heather said...

Oh, Heidi! Yuck!! Dog throw up and confrontation. Two of the things I hate most, too! Praying for you today, that you have a fun and peaceful day. I really do think has to be hard dealing with so many people with work/blogs--and especially through the internet, where it is so easy for things to be misinterpreted, etc. Anyway, Happy Birthday to Brian!!

Melissa said...

Yep! Reality is packing a whalop around here lately too...details are similar but different...I can so relate! (((hugs)))

One of MercyMe's songs from their new cd The Generous Mr. Lovewell titled Move fits perfectly with how life has been lately, at least for me - maybe it will for you too. Here's the link to a music video of it...hang in there friend...there's gonna be brighter days!


ps: Happy Birthday Brian!

Debbie said...

Heidi- I will be praying that the week gets better! I am with you...I totally hate confrontation! I also have had too much dog vomit in my life recently. LOL Our dog has been sick. Praying for you!

Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

Hugs and prayers! Sometimes I just whisper to myself, "This too shall pass" and eventually it does. Doesn't always help when you're right in the moment, though. Hang in there!

BTW, the Curiosity Files look really cool! ;0)

Heidi... said...

uck! I'm sooo sorry!

I hate seasons of life like the one you are describing... the times when it seems everyone is mad at me and they've all decided to tell me the horrible, rotten, no good, very bad things I've done to them.

I hope your week gets much more encouraging!


Jodi said...

I am sending hugs through the computer. What a rotten day for you. I'm so sorry. I don't like confrontation either. Yuck. I really hope that today is a better day for you too, my friend. I've been having headaches too, I think it's this rain and nasty weather. Your pups are so cute, they made me smile, I hope they do the same for you even after the barfing incident. Here's to a better day for you....and Happy Birthday Brian!

Becky said...

Been praying for you, and hope the week is improving! It seems a lot of folks are on a bumpy path this week. May God grant all some peace and a guiding light in the forest of muck.
You know I love you! HUGS and will talk to you soon. Thanking God for the friend with a large washer! ;) My always rocks and rolls, but I stuff it anyways, to the dismay of my family. I figure they would be more dismayed with smelly dirty bedding!

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