Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge – November 8

2010GratitudeChallengeButton Today I’m very thankful for the sunshine.  I’ve shared before how I tend to be solar-powered, and the sunshine just makes me happy – especially on Mondays.

I know this sounds like a simple thing to be thankful for, and it’s unrealistic for me to expect sunshine every day – but I sure to appreciate it when we have it! 

Today we’re planning to take our guests to see some local sights, so the sunshine will make that a much more pleasant experience for all of us, I’m sure. 


SisterTipster said...

With you, the SON SHINES too~thanks so much for sharing your sunny thoughts with us today~it's a gorgeous day in the Lord for sure! HOPE you have fun too! HUGS!

Guiding Light said...

Sunshine - YES! I am one who gets depressed in the winter because there isn't enough sunshine. It's amazing how something so "simple" can make such a huge differece! ( are mentioned in MY Gratitude Challenge post of today.)

Kelly said...

I love sunshine. I dislike rain very much. Simplicity is the way of life.

Michelle Smith said...

It is sunshine-y here today, too. Amazing how a little sunshine can improve one's outlook--and wonderful to have it when you're entertaining guests! :)

Wendy62 said...

I'm with you on the sunshine! I tend to have trouble with seasonal affective disorder, so appreciate every sunny day we have!

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