Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Bliss 2010 – December 16th

1105136_christmas_balls Only 9 days ‘til Christmas!  Around my house, we like to count down! 

Yesterday, not long before we were to head out for Gracie’s violin lesson, I went to the post office and was surprised that Gracie’s new violin had arrived!  So, she got to take her lesson using her new violin.  :) 

The other week, when the kids played at the nursing homes, one of the adult students taped the performance and wanted to make a cd for everyone.  I created the cover (just for fun, not even knowing if it would be used).  Gracie was pretty pleased to receive this:

image And I’m excited to have a new Christmas cd to add to my collection!  It sounds great! 


Our Village is a Little Different said...

That was a great idea, and the cover came out super cute! I hope she loves her new violin.

Debra said...

Heidi, I know you must be thrilled over the new violin, not to mention the cd with the cover you created. What a delightful story! That would have made my day:)
Enjoyed my visit here with you again, and I'm now following you on Google.
Hope you'll visit me too.
Merry Christmas!

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