Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Disney on the Brain!

Despite the fact that the Destination Disney meme never really took off, I’m considering starting it back up again – if nothing more than just for me and Becky!  Because – what can I say – I love Disney!  And it’s so much fun to talk about it.  Will YOU participate?!

This morning, one of the first things that Ian said was, “Hey, Mom, we need to start packing for Disney!  Gracie said we’re going very soon!”  Well, the truth is, we have about 4 months to pack.  LOL  And during those 4 months, we’ll plan, plan, plan.  That’s just the way we roll around here. 

So, it was a pleasant surprise to look through my Google Reader this morning and see that I’m not the only person with Disney on the Brain - - -

  • Orlando Attractions Magazine had some new news to share about the upcoming Fantasyland expansion project – namely a new roller coaster that will be themed after the Seven Dwarves Mine Train.  Sounds like great fun to me! 
  • Milk and Cuddles is dreaming of one day taking her little girl to Disney and can’t wait to see the princess additions in the Fantasyland expansion.  She’s also wondering if there is a certain age that is best to take your little one to Disney.  We took Ian for the first time when he was still 2 and he was thrilled!
  • And Zanna (who just so happens to be on the Disney Moms Panel – lucky duck!) posted some great pictures of the new 40th Year merchandise that is available at Disney World this year.  Can I just say how excited I was to discover that we will be at Disney to help celebrate their 40th anniversary?!  Yippee!!!  I love the t-shirts and I know my kids will want the 40th anniversary pins to add to their collections.  Goodness, I need to start saving my money now!
  • The other day, my friend Lance (from Florida Dream Homes) had a guest blogger sharing some of the perks of Disney, as compared to Universal.  I’ve never been to Universal so I can’t really speak from experience there (though I’ve never had so much as a teeny desire to go there).  But, I did enjoy the post!

Yep, around here, we’re dreaming of Disney.  It kinda helps balance out the winter doldrums. 


Michele said...

I have Disney on the brain too. My hubby tolerates my obsession. He likes Disney ok but just doesn't understand why that is the ONLY place I really want to vacation. :-)

We(meaning me) are currently planning a vacation for 2 in September. I can't wait!!

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

We love Disney here too and are only about 3 hours away (2 1/2 hours on good day) ;o) We have gone A LOT over the years but it has been a year this month since we went last. This post is giving me an!

Letitia said...

4 months, hmmmm....Perfect timing for you to swing through east TN and come to a wedding!!: ) My girls would love to go again, since it's been about 2 years, but it won't be happening for us anytime soon!

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