Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New things to come . . .

Have you noticed anything new/different about my blog?  If you’re reading in Google Reader, probably not – you have to hop over here to see.  In any case, I’ve added some more links to the top of my blog – directly under the Mickey & Minnie head links. 

These links will take you directly to the Destination Disney TOPIC posts (updated weekly, on Friday), and my own personal Destination Disney ANSWER posts (when they are not included in the topic) and other random thoughts on Disney.

clipmickeysmile3 The third link will take you to my Recommended Disney Resources.  If you’re planning an upcoming Disney trip, or just dreaming of Disney, check out this link.  It will take you to a list of books, websites, and other resources (think apps, etc.).  Currently, there are mostly links to websites, but in the upcoming weeks you’ll see this list grow to include many other things. 

The last link, which is currently not linked to anything, will take you to my reviews of all things Disney-related.  Trust me, I’ve got some great reviews coming up in the very near future – Disney apps, books, websites, magazines . . . you’ll just have to check back for more information! 

I’m excited to share these Disney resources with you, my readers!

ddbutton Oh, and it’s not too late to take part in this week’s Destination Disney Topic – World Showcase.  I have very much enjoyed reading this week’s posts and seeing all the pictures.  FYI: I leave each linky open for 2 weeks after  the topic is posted, so you have plenty of time to get your posts up and linked. 

This Friday, I’ll post a new topic – Disney Anticipation.  What do you do when you’re waiting and planning? 

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The Unsell Family said...

So thankful and glad you are posting all of this Heidi! Bryan is serious about us going back this next Spring. He's wanted us to go back long before now and we would have if we could have afforded to do so, but next Spring is the GOAL! All of these resources will help make this next trip for us even richer! ;-) Thank you!

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