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Celebrations Magazine

Last week, I introduced you to a great Disney book for kids – Guide to the Magic.  (If you missed that review, be sure to click back and check it out!) Tim Foster, author of Guide to the Magic for Kids, is also the co-editor of Celebrations Magazine, my topic for this week’s Disney-themed review.


As most of you, my readers, know, I work for a homeschool magazine, so I’m rather familiar with the magazine industry.  When I got my hands on Celebrations, I was beyond impressed! 

Here is what the Celebrations website has to say about their publication:

What is Celebrations? It's the magazine that all Disney fans have been waiting for! Discover the magic of the Disney theme parks & resorts, relive the classic films, and celebrate the secrets, stories and history of the most magical place on Earth.

Inside Each Issue You'll Find:

  • The latest news from Disney
  • Upcoming events at the parks and resorts
  • Feature articles and exclusive interviews
  • Great moments in Disney history
  • Spotlight features highlighting attractions, resorts and beloved films past and present
  • Hidden treasures and magical moments
  • Fun & games, scavenger hunts, mystery photos, the Celebrations Kids Korner, and more!

Every issue will feature regular columns by many of your favorite authors and personalities including:
Tim Foster
Guide to the Magic
Lou Mongello
Walt Disney World Trivia/WDWRadio
Steve Barrett
Hidden Mickeys Guide
Tim Devine
The Magic in Pixels
Beci Mahnken
MEI & Mouse Fan Travel
Allison Jones
Destinations in Florida Travel
and more...!

Now, let me tell you what I think sets this magazine apart . . .

  • Upon first glance, you are greeted with a gorgeous cover.  Not only is there a large Disney-themed photograph front and center, but the cover is made of very thick, sturdy paper (cardstock, really); so the magazine is going to hold up to lots and lots of reading.
  • The pages inside, while not nearly as thick as the cover, are still a heavyweight, durable paper (much more so than many other magazines that I read).  With the possible exception of 1-2 pages, every page in this 84-page publication contains high-color pictures that draw you in and exude the excitement that is Walt Disney World.
  • This magazine is very light on advertisements (which I love!) The few ads that are included are for the magazine itself, and other Disney-related books and resources (such as Guide to the Magic and the Audio Guides to Walt Disney World by Lou Mongello of WDW Radio – I’ll be reviewing these in a future edition of Thursday Review).
  • The editorials, written by Tim Foster and Lou Mongello, are perfect for setting the scene and introducing what you have to look forward to in each issue.  Make sure you have lots of time to sit and read because once you start on the editorials, you’ll want to read a lot more!
  • Letters from Readers include pictures that the readers send in.  This makes the letters so much more personal!
  • The Disney News section talks about those things that are new or coming soon at WDW.  If you’re planning an upcoming trip to the world, this section will be extra interesting.
  • The Mouse Views section contains the regular columns listed above. Subscribers will come to expect these columns in each issue and jump ahead to their favorites.  My Gracie loves the Hidden Mickey column written by Steve Barrett, while Ashley is fascinated by the Shutters & Lenses column by Tim Devine. I’m pretty much intrigued by the whole thing!
  • Each issue contains a Featured Film section – focusing on a Disney movie and detailing how it was made, etc.  There is also a Featured Attraction section, and some issues contain a Featured Resort column as well.
  • Rounding out the magazine is the Wayback Machine (which gives you a fun glimpse at WDW history), Wandering the World (which focuses on those off-the-beaten path things that you might otherwise miss), and the Kids Korner (if you don’t have children, though, no worries – even adults will have fun with the Disney-themed puzzles and facts in this section).
  • The back covers are frame-worthy as they feature a Disney-themed picture and a quote from Walt Disney. 

What’s not to love?  I’m hooked and I’m definitely subscribing to this magazine.  So, Happy Birthday to ME!  The magazine costs $29.99 for a one year subscription, which includes 6 bi-monthly issues.  You can also purchase back-issues on the website for $5.99 each (or buy all twelve available back issues for $72).


I promised a giveaway, so here goes - - -

I received 2 copies of Issue 15 – the January/February 2011 issue. This is the Back to Nature issue and includes features on:
The Tree of Life, Yehaa Bob, DinoLand U.S.A., the Story Behind the Pleasure Island Plaques,
PLUS: Dinosaur, Tangled, TRON: Legacy, and more!

It’s a beautiful issue, and actually the first one that I picked up and read – it’s the issue that roped me in and made me want more!

I’d love to send my extra copy to one of you! 

MANDATORY ENTRY – you must be a Destination Disney participant in order to qualify for this contest. DD participants, just leave a comment and you’re entered!

If you’ve never participated in the past, that’s ok, it’s not too late – you can participate in the new topic, which will be posted tomorrow, or go back through the old topics (just click on the Destination Disney link at the top of my blog to see all the previous topics), choose one, post on your blog, and come back and comment with a link to your post.

Other chances to win ( be sure to leave separate comments for each):

  • Visit Celebrations website and tell me which issue you’d most like to read and why.
  • Follow Celebrations Magazine on Facebook. Tell them Heidi sent you! :)
  • Post about this contest on your  blog or FB wall, with a link back (for FB, you can use the button at the top of this post).
  • Tweet about this contest (or retweet, using the button at the top of this post).
  • Add the Destination Disney button to your blog’s sidebar.  (The code  can be found directly under the button in my sidebar ===>)
  • Give me a topic suggestion for an upcoming Destination Disney (if you have more than one idea, leave a separate comment  for each one!)
  • Tell me what one Disney book or resource you’d like to see me review on my blog.

I will draw a random winner from all entrants next Thursday, March 17th, at noon.  Good luck!


Jodi said...

Ok, I'm a DD Participant, as you know, so count me in! My family would also love this magazine, especially this issue, Animal Kingdom was their favorite park out of all of them!

Jodi said...

I would love to read the Holiday Issue, since we are thinking about going at Christmastime!

Jodi said...

I followed them on FB and posted on their wall that you sent me with a link back here to your blog, girlfriend!

Jodi said...

I shared on FB with your button at the top. ;)

Jodi said...

I tweeted this post using your tweet button at the top via @thehsdesk :)

Jodi said...

I have the DD Button in my sidebar on my GA Blog. :)

Jodi said...

Topic Suggestion: What is your favorite time of year to visit Disney and why?

Jodi said...

I think you should review "The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World with Kids 2011" :)

Lindsay-ann said...

This is so exciting Heidi. I didn't know this magazine existed. It's available international too so I will be able to subscribe. I have a birthday coming up very soon so if I get some money I would love to subscribe.
I have been a Desination Disney Participant so I would love to enter your giveaway.

Lindsay-ann said...

I visited the Celebrations Website and I would love to read all the issues there. If I had to choose just one it would be issue 12 with the special feature about the waterparks which I love.

Lindsay-ann said...

I am now following the facebook page.

The Unsell Family said...

Would love to win this! It sounds amazing!!

The Unsell Family said...

I would like to read the Fantasyland issue or the holiday issue.

The Unsell Family said...

I have liked the magazine on facebook.

The Unsell Family said...

I would love to see you review the The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. It's the book we used the most on our trip. ;-)

The Unsell Family said...

Topic Suggestion- favorite places to eat around the Magic Kingdom. Would love to hear what others have to say about that.

The Unsell Family said...

Another topic suggestion- (I need to look back- I'm thinking you may have already done this one?) Favorite thing about the resort that you stayed at. Would love to share our favorite thing about where we stayed and hear where others have stayed and what their favorite things were about those places.

Lindsay-ann said...

I have added the button.

The Unsell Family said...

I have added the DD button to the sidebar of my blog.

Lindsay-ann said...

My topic Suggestion would be to ask our kids what their favorite activities or memories were of Disney. My daughter loved getting her passport stamped and the kidcot activities in the countries at Epcot. She did this aged 10 and wanted to do it all again aged 12! My friend's daughter loves doing the Kimpossible missions at Epcot too.

Lindsay-ann said...

Disney Book/resource to be reviewed - I would like a variety of Disney websites to be reviewed. There are lots out there and I am sure there's many I don't even know about that I would love.

Lou Mongello - WDW Radio said...

Thanks for such a wonderful review, Heidi, and glad you're enjoying the magazine! :)

Keep up the great work on the blog!

Lou Mongello
Publisher, Celebrations Magazine

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