Friday, March 18, 2011

DD ~ First Trip Memories


I’m a Disney Visa cardholder (and have the pin to prove I was a charter member!)  The spring mailing was all about Vacation Memories – which inspired me for this week’s theme - - -

First Trip Memories

I don’t care if your first trip was last year or 30 years ago.  If you’ve been to Disney 300 times or just once.  Anyone who’s ever been there can participate in this post! 

Here are some things from the newsletter that got me thinking about this topic:

  • What’s more heartwarming than recollecting memories of happy vacations with your family?
  • Share your childhood memories and make new ones with your children . . .
  • Remember your first, or favorite, visit to a Disney Theme Park? Relive those thrills. . . They shine brighter each time they’re shared!

This topic is pretty much self-explanatory, so go write your post, then come back here and link up.  Now, I need to go raid my mom’s old photo albums and hope and pray that my scanner will work.  I’ll post my memories in a separate post this week. 

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Melissa said...

Ha warned me this was coming...but have I gone to check out more of our slides from that first Disney trip? NO! This post may not happen right away...or maybe I'll have to fake it and use pics of Bridgette's first trip to Disney instead. But gosh I really want to do my first trip!

Cathy said...

I might try to participate in this, but I don't have pics from my first trip.

The Unsell Family said...

Working on my post. Looking forward to hearing and seeing what everyone else shares too.

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