Friday, April 15, 2011

DD ~ Character Meet & Greets


This week’s Destination Disney topic is
Character Meet & Greets

Share with us your favorite locations to meet the characters, your best experiences with the characters, and (of course) pictures with the characters!  Also, if you have a list of characters that you’d like to meet, or you have special tips on where to find some of those more elusive characters, do share!


My kids love meeting the characters!  OK, I’ll be honest, I do too! We’ve waited in many a line to meet the characters over the years.  We always stand in line to meet Mickey.

Florida 2010 110 

For our trip this coming May, I got smart and made arrangements for a character meal where we can meet Mickey – that means no standing in a long line. 

We’ve also stood in long lines to meet the princesses and the fairies.  Once you get to the front of the line, the wait is so worth it!

Florida '09 009

Character Meals are cool because you sit at your table and the characters come to you. For years, we avoided character meals, not realizing the neat experience that they could be.  Once we tried one, we were hooked and now plan to do at least 2 on each trip. 

Florida 2010 025

Florida '09 132

I love arriving at the park at opening time and finding characters waiting to greet you (with very short lines).

Florida '09 005

Florida '09 159


Next week’s topic will also be character-related --- next week, we’ll talk about Character Autographs & what to do with them.

Now, go talk about the characters on your blog, then come  back here and link up! 

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Ruth said...

We are all wishing that we could go back to Disney. We would love to do a character meal. We did not get to do that before.


Michelle said...

We didn't have time to meet any characters! I'm originally from FL, so when we go, we go with my parents & usually just go for the day. In order to get everything else done that we want to do, we don't have time to wait in character lines. We did see one line. . . I can't remember who it was! But, everyone decided not to wait. I can't wait until we can go and do EVERYTHING! LOVE your Tinkerbell and Pinnochio pics!

Cathy said...

I love your pictures with the characters. I think my favorite is the one with Tink. We have not met any of the fairies yet.

Beth said...

Back in the days when an E ticket was an actual piece of paper and not just an adjective, there were no set locations to meet characters. You just walked around a corner and were surprised by whom you might find. It seemed more magical-er, if that were a word. I do remember sitting on a bench next to Snow White and nearly being flattened by Sleepy the Dwarf laying down to take a nap--that big head prevented him from seeing me to his side. I always figured if I needed to plead insanity someday I'd blame it on this near death experience (to my 5 year old way of thinking).

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