Friday, April 29, 2011

DD ~ Pin Trading


This week’s Destination Disney topic is
Pin Trading

  • Do you (or your kids) trade pins?
  • Where/How do you store your pins?
  • Do you have a favorite pin or set of pins?
  • Do you purchase pins in the parks or elsewhere?
  • How long have you been doing pin-trading and
  • How did you get started?


Here are some websites with more information about Disney Pin-Trading:

Share with us all about this fun Disney tradition.  Post about your pin-trading experience on your personal blog, then come back here and link up so we can all enjoy your post!  I’ve asked a few general questions to get you started, but don’t let these limit you.

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Rebecca said...

WE don't trade pins.....we did go to Disney 5 years little guy who turns 5 in June was 3 weeks old.....and it was the week of July 4th. It was hot, but we had a BLAST....was not as crowded as I expected it to be.....have fun with the pins.....they look fun!

Maple said...

This reminds me of a Simpsons episode where Lisa got hooked on collecting Olympic pins and they had to have an intervention. ;)

I enjoyed your article/interview in TOS and just had to come check out your blog! You are a hoot!

Melyssa from

Cathy said...

I don't collect the pins, however I do like them. I just don't know what I'd do with them, so I haven't started...yet. lol

Lindsay-ann said...

My daughter collects Disney pins but she doesn't trade them. She collects them from the rides she likes and also from the Disney hotels we have visited or stayed in. Each one is a momento and she would not want to trade it. I think it's a fn idea though and know many kids and adults who love to trade.

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