Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Did I Marry the Wrong Guy?

Now, don’t jump to conclusions and assume that I’m having major marital problems!  I have  been in contact with Michelle Stimpson, author of the new book Did I Marry the Wrong Guy?.  Because I’ve been rather in-and-out lately and not able to post much on my blog, Michelle graciously offered to write a guest blog post for me, sharing a bit about her new book.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading this post as much as I did – tomorrow I’ll be sharing a question and answer session with the author as well – so be sure to come back!

Oh, and just for the record, because I’m always “keepin’ it real” on my blog – yes, I have asked myself this very question at one time or another over the past 19+ years of marriage!  Haven’t YOU?!


Thanks again for allowing me to post on your blog. I’m honored!

Finally, a book for every wife who has ever asked herself the question,

“Did I marry the wrong guy?”

Many of us know the Titus 2:4 mandate for older wives to mentor younger wives, but is that really happening. For real? I mean, yeah, yeah, you hear people talk about working together and making sure you keep that “date night” thing going, but there are other issues to contend with in a marriage. Issues like feeling trapped, mourning the death of “single” you, and feeling like maybe you should have married what’s-his-face instead of the man sitting next to you who just misplaced the remote control. Again.

Sure, many Christian wives face problems bigger than lost remote controls. But I believe the smaller, negative “ponderings” wives entertain about their husbands are what catch, snag, and slowly unravel the fabric of a marriage. Larger issues, infidelity and financial chaos, to name a few, are often predicated by these smaller thoughts that create undercurrents of resentment.

DidIMarry To that effect, I was blessed to write Did I Marry the Wrong Guy? And Other Silent Ponderings of a Fairly Normal Christian Wife. Some of the chapter titles include: We Started Off Wrong, I Miss the Thrill of Being Single, and Watching My Parents Messed Me Up. I have had the life-changing experience of marrying all wrong, then watching God completely demolish my marriage before re-building it from the ground up. (Trust me, there was nothing to salvage.) One of the most important lessons I learned during the renovation was to pray about things I never thought God even cared about. I mean, everyone knows you should pray for your husband if he falls into an addiction, but who teaches us to pray about his wall-shaking snoring? Seriously, crankiness due to lack of sleep attributed to somebody’s snoring has probably killed more marriages than in-law issues and bad cooking combined!

In this book, I encourage every wife to pray over even the smallest irritants. I’m not talking about a generic, “God, help us have a nice day,” prayer. I mean, get in that prayer closet and confess, “Lord, I am tired of him leaving his shoes at the door every day! Show me what to do!” God might change your husband, or give you joy while transporting his shoes to the closet every day, or He might teach you how to ignore the shoes—His choice, depending on His lesson objective for you.

It’s been said that every marriage is a foreign land. I trust that Did I Marry the Wrong Guy? will help readers navigate unfamiliar marital roads. And with God’s help, they’ll be able to answer the title question with a resounding “No.”

Keep the faith.

In His Love,
Michelle Stimpson


You can learn more about Michelle and her books by visiting her website and her blog


Heidi said...

Well, that was an attention-getting blog post (and book) title! :) I can only imagine what it might do to hubby if he saw the book on my nightstand!

It sounds like an interesting book. I look forward to reading your Q & A session.

Cathy said...

Sounds interesting. Looking forward to the Q&A session tomorrow.

Michelle Stimpson said...

Thanks, Heidi!

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