Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge ~ Volume 26

1. How many times in your life have you moved house?

Well, my family moved several times during my first year of life.  When I was one, though, my parents built the house that I lived in until I got married.  Then, Brian and I bought the house that we still live in.  So, essentially, I’ve only moved once (that I remember).

2. What subject would you study if you had a year to devote to it?

Probably something history-related.  I love history.  And I’d want my study to be complete with hands-on, field-trip-like experiences.

3. What in this world breaks your heart?

    • The breakdown of the family unit here in the US. 
    • Cancer
    • The economy and the state of affairs with our government
    • The foster care/adoption system here in the US
    • My kids, when they are sad or hurt

4. What is one item that symbolizes the times in which we live? Why?

The tv remote control.  Seriously!  I’ve been thinking a lot about how we used to have to get up off our rears to change the channels and/or adjust the volume on the tv.  Nowadays, things are too easy and kids are becoming much lazier as a result.

5. Share a favorite bumper sticker or t-shirt slogan.

I hate bumper stickers – they annoy me!  But I do have a WDW magnet that I like on my car. 

As for t-shirts, I have a great Homeschool Moms Rock! t-shirt.  It’s not this exact one (but this one might need to be added to my collection!)

6. How do you like your spaghetti?

Cooked al dente and served with a red sauce (Prego is my sauce of choice).  But, seriously, I like ANYTHING ITALIAN.

7. What is one piece of advice you would give a recent or soon to be recent graduate?

Keep God first in your life and make sure you set some priorities for your life. Don’t compromise your beliefs.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I think it just hit me how very busy the month of May actually is for my family.  Hopefully we can accomplish everything that needs to be done with grace, patience, and some fun thrown in for good measure.


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Heidi
I have only ever moved house once in my life too. The thought of moving house terrifies me. I am very attached to this house and when the day comes that we move it will be very hard.
May is a busy month for us too. My daughter turns 15 at the end of this month and is already planning her party.

Thena said...

Totally agree with #7. Kids seem to be younger and younger these days giving into peer pressure.

Our Peculiar Lives said...

I totally agree with #7 too. . .
I hated history when I was doing school. We were homeschooled, but textbook style. I'm so excited for the opportunity to revisit everything now with my own children and with so many more curriculum choices out there than my mom had to choose from. I think I might actually enjoy history now!

Bird said...

Hey Heidi! We will overlap!! You kept mentioning your trip at the end of May and I was thinking we might be there at the same time. We'll be arriving that Saturday and staying through the following Friday :-)

Susan said...

I like your answer about the tv remote control. When our kids were young, we had an old tv with no remote, and they changed the channel with a big walking stick my son brought home from church camp. Of course, we didn't have cable or satellite, so we only had about 6 channels. Haha. Have a great day!

Joyce said...

May has been busy here too. Hope you squeeze some fun in there somewhere!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Your answer to #4 reminded me of the movie "Click" - fast forwarding through life.

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