Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy 11th Birthday to . . .

. . . Gracie!

It’s hard to believe that my baby girl is 11 years old today!  She’s been growing and changing so much over this past year.  I’m very proud of the young lady that she is becoming.

Florida 2011 1015

She’s a great student who excels in math and loves doing brain puzzlers.  She is musically talented and enjoys playing both the piano and the violin (and she says she can’t possibly pick a favorite).

Florida 2011 007

She loves retro, 70’s, things (like the shirts she’s wearing in both of the above pictures).  She hopes to one day drive a VW Beetle, or maybe a van like this one:

Spring 2011 109

She is mostly a homebody, but there are some special places that she loves to go (including Disney World) --- one such place is the beach.  Often, she even gets to spend her birthday at the beach (this year is one of those  times!)

beach 2011 043

beach 2011 069

Tonight we’ll be celebrating with her supper of choice – lasagna! 

Gracie ~
I love you and am so proud of you!
Looking forward to another great year!
Love, Mom


Manda said...

This is SO cute! Happy Birthday Gracie!

Dee said...

It all goes by too fast! Great Pictures and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday to Gracie! Have fun at the beach.

Ruth said...

Wow! Heidi-she has gotten so big. What a fun time!! Victoria loved retro 70's at her age!! I posted some pics from Victoria's graduation announcement on my blog. Did Ashley graduate this year, too? Is she heading off to college next year?


Debbie said...

Happy Birthday to Gracie! I didn't realize that she and Emily were quite so close in age--Emily turned 11 last month.

Disney on Wheels said...

Happy Birthday Gracie! :o)

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Happy Birthday Gracie. Hope she has an amazing day!!

Breezy Point Mom said...

I love this tribute to your daughter. What a sweet looking girl! And smart, and talented, and happy.

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