Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Zippies® – Pals that Hang Around

I’ve got five people in my family.  And, just typing that out makes me want to break into song.  So, we interrupt this review post for a brief word from our Sesame Street friends . . .

OK, now back to  the regularly scheduled post. . .

Several weeks ago, I got a neat little package in the mail from Zippies®.  I had not heard of Zippies® before receiving the opportunity to review them.  Have you heard of them?  If not, let me share a little about Zippies®. 

faina Zippies® are neat little identifier tags.  Similar to those beloved Sesame Street characters, Zippies® are colorful and fun-looking.  They are neat because they have lots of fun uses.  You can hang them from the neck of a water bottle, attach them to your jacket, backpack, or other carrying bag.  You can even attach them to a child’s belt loop or jewelry. 

Why might you need Zippies®?  Again, there are lots of reasons.  If you have a young child, a shy child, or a non-verbal child, Zippies® are a great way to identify your child in case of loss or injury (God forbid!)  On the back of each Zippie® is a place to write your child’s name and an emergency contact number. Zippies® also work great on bags for “if lost, please return to” information. 

My family received 5 different Zippies® to use and review.  The fun part was picking who wanted which Zippie®.  The kids each picked their favorite. 

gallery_flops-thmb Gracie (11) picked Flops.

Ashley (17) picked Faina.gallery_faina-thmb

gallery_chip-thmb Ian (5) picked Chip.

We were vacationing in Florida, and thought these would make great identifiers for our things.   So, Gracie and Ian attached theirs to their pin-trading bags, while Ashley hooked hers to her camera bag. 

gallery_tazmo-thmb There we 2 Zippies® left and rather than let them be lonely in the hotel room, I gave Tazmo to my hubby and scarfed up Kayla for myself.  gallery_kayla-thmb We attached one to Brian’s belt bag (which he’s only allowed to use in Disney!) and I put mine on my camera bag. 

I felt secure knowing that my children and our things were well-identified.  I’m sorry to report that, while vacationing at Disney, someone stole our stroller and made off with my camera bag and accessories, so the Kayla Zippie® is gone. :( 

We’ll continue to make good use of our 4 remaining Zippies® though.  I like the peace of mind of knowing that my children and/or our things are easily identified.

Zippies® make a great alternative to plain nametags and labels, and are fun for kids.  They are bright and easy to see.  They are easy to use – over and over again. 

Zippies® are available in lots of different “characters”.  You can purchase a 5 pack (like the one that we received) for $19.99. Purchase the whole first series set (10 in all) for $29.99!  You can learn more about Zippies® by visiting their website, following them on Twitter, or liking them on Facebook.

NOTE: I received a free sample of Zippies® as part of a blog tour for Parent Reviewers.  I was not compensated in any way, and the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.

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Jennifer said...

What an adorable idea! I've never heard of these before.

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