Saturday, July 9, 2011

The B Book?!

61GVVD3XNBL._SL500_AA300_ All week long, as I’ve been gearing up for  this week’s Destination Disney topic, I keep thinking of this book ===>

I even had to pull it out and read it! LOL  My copy doesn’t look like that – the cover is different – and the pages are tattered and torn (around here we call that “loved”), but it’s still a fun book to read – especially to little ones! 

2 Anyway, enough about BOOKS, moving right along to Disney B’s . . .


Florida 2011 004

My family refers to Spaceship Earth as “the Giant BALL”.
(I shared a nighttime shot of us in front of it the other day.)

Florida 2011 172

We love BELLE!
On our last trip, Ashley had the opportunity to introduce two special friends to
Walt Disney World.  They enjoyed meeting the princesses.

Florida 2011 129

While riding the train, Ian caught a glimpse of Woody & Jessie
and wanted to meet them.  So, we hopped off in Frontierland and got in line . . .
Unfortunately, the line was rather long and it was very hot!
Anyway, this is what BORED looks like!

Florida 2011 040

We very much enjoyed our first time on Disney property -
Port Orleans Riverside – and though we didn’t actually eat here -
we walked past BOATWRIGHTS several times.

We thought the BEDS in the Alligator BAYOU “cabins” were pretty neat:

Florida 2011 211

And the BATH goodies . . . well, they rock!

Florida 2011 216

Florida 2011 1091

We’re all anxious for the Fantasyland expansion.
Here, Ashley and her friends pose with this picture of the BEAST.

Florida 2011 1162

This is what BRAVE looks like – Ian waits for his first trip on Tower of Terror
(afterward, he said it was also his last trip, but somehow I doubt that!)

Florida 2011 055

Ian was so excited to see BUZZ LIGHTYEAR made out of Legos -
it was impossible to get a “normal” picture (well, truthfully, this is normal!)

Florida 2011 990

We enjoyed visiting the BEACH CLUB RESORT for a fun character breakfast.

Florida 2011 1022

Florida 2011 1031

Florida 2011 1023

I always enjoy the Disney topiaries, and this BUTTERFLY was no exception.

One of my favorite things about our last couple of trips to Florida
is spending some  time with my sweet friend BECKY:

Florida 2011 541

I’ve shared way too many pictures – I know – but it’s so much fun sorting through them in search of the alphabet letters!  (All of the pictures in this post were taken during our May 2011 visit.)  Next week, we’ll move on to the Letter C!

If you would like to see more Destination Disney posts focusing on the alphabet letters, you can find the
A posts here and the B posts here.  You’re welcome to join in the fun!


Cathy said...

I love your B pictures Heidi. We call Spaceship Earth the Ball too. Love the Ball. I really need to check out that resort. You have some great pictures from there. And your son with Buzz is just too cute.

Nancy said...

I love Disney resort. Glad everyone had a great time

Melissa said...

Great B post! Oooh so will I be part of your M post? :D LOL

Yes, I am looking forward to your next visit and hopefully getting to spend more time with you guys!

Karen said...

Great pictures. I expecially like the one of the beds in Aligator Bayou. We loved staying there, when we went one time. I loved the rustic feel to it.

Becky said...

Heidi, I LOVE the new blog look! You know I love the butterflies, and I love having the best time with you! Much love, and hope we get some more 'us' time soon. Beds in the hospital are just not as great as the ones you show here! So, be back soon and I shall give you some bubbly, bountiful Becky time! BIG smile! Your the best!

DebSays said...

Great B's!! The last one is so sweet. We loved eating at Boatright's! Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the hop!

Distherapy said...

So many B's- you really have a great BRAIN!! 

Mark fendrick said...

Some fabulous B's you have there. Can't wait to get back now! Thanks for sharing them!

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