Friday, July 1, 2011

DD ~ Let’s Start with A


Thanks to those of you who commented earlier today and left feedback.  We’re going to proceed with my idea of focusing on a letter each week throughout the rest of 2011.  This week’s letter is:


Using that letter as your inspiration, please share some Disney fun with us on your blogs.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • CHARACTERS – Ariel, Aladdin
  • PARKS/SECTIONS of parks – Animal Kingdom, Asia, Adventureland
  • ATTRACTIONS – Astro Orbiter
  • RESORTS – All-Star Movies, Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • FOOD/DINING – ABC Commissary
  • ANYTHING GOES!!!  Things feelings, people, weather conditions, etc.
    Be creative!

Don’t forget to come back here and link up so that others can find your posts (use a direct link to your DD post and not just to your blog’s url, please).  I’ll post my contribution separately and link up also. :)  Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


Tara said...

Can't wait to get started. I've got 'A' done and set to publish tomorrow. I'm going to work ahead some this weekend. Thanks for hosting the blog hop!

Cathy said...

I love this idea Heidi. I've got our "A"'s posted now!!

Debs @Focused on the Magic said...

What a fun hop!! I just posted my "A":)
Thanks Heidi for hosting!!

Naomi said...

Hey Heidi!

You're going to have to keep me straight on the letter of the week. This is my 3rd alphabet meme. Might get a tad confusing until my other Disney one is done...

Of course, as homeschoolers, we love our alphabet!

aliveinspirit said...

Just started putting out my posts finally. :) Better late then never right?


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