Friday, August 5, 2011

Disney FF ~ gone but not forgotten


I totally forgot about the new Disney Flashback Friday last week.  Yikes!  This week, I’m going to share an attraction that is no longer at Walt Disney World – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  I guess the new Fantasyland expansion project will totally cover up the area where this attraction was located.


I remember riding this ride in the late 80’s and thinking it was so cool!  When I took my own family back for our first family trip, it was gone. :( 


Mouse Fan Diane said...

Hi Heidi,
That picture is so cool, I miss that ride so much. I'm so happy I got on it the one time. I just did a post on it, my husband grandfather help build it in the early 1970's..

Diane @ Can Do It MOM

Gina said...

This was my husbands favorite from when he was a kid, last time we were there (years ago) it was an Ariel meet and greet!

Disney on Wheels said...

Great photo! It was one of my favorites too.

Debs said...

This was our favorite ride! Love the pic!

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