Saturday, October 22, 2011

96 . . .

Florida 2011 787

#96 – I don’t like forcing my kids to do something that they really don’t want to do, but we’ve been waiting for YEARS to ride Splash Mountain again.  Gracie and Ian both say they are scared – yet, this past trip they both rode (and loved) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Gracie enjoyed Rock ‘N Roller Coaster, and Ian has even braved Tower of Terror (but he said “never again!”)  So, I’ve already forewarned them that on our next trip we WILL be riding Splash Mountain! I figure if I give them plenty of advance warning, at least  they’ll be semi-prepared, right?


Melissa said...

oh my if they liked Big Thunder Mountain or especially if Gracie liked Rock n Roller Coaster...Splash Mountain is a piece of cake after those. Just that 1 big drop, and it's over before you know it. The worst part is how wet you get...especially if it's any bit cold when you are here. Make sure you do it during the warmest part of the day!

@MaryD73 Capturing Magical Memories said...

I'm on their side on this one. Everytime I have been on that ride I have been hit right in the face with that water cannon. By the time I get off even my underwear is wet. Love the ride, HATE the water.

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