Sunday, November 27, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge–November 26 & 27

I’m combining two days into one again, as I never made the time to post yesterday . . .

Yesterday afternoon, Ashley and I met up with some friends from church (another mother and daughter) at Friendly’s for a late lunch/early supper, and a little bit of time together at the mall.  I’m thankful for these friends from our church that we’ve had the opportunity to get to know over the past few years.  And I’m hoping that we can get  to know each other even better over the years to come.  I’ve really missed having “in real life” friends.

Today, after church, we went to Garfield’s for lunch – then headed out in search of an artificial Christmas tree.  I really thought this would be the year that we’d go back to a real tree (after me breaking the tree stand last year!); but there were 2 things holding me back from that - (1) the fact that we now have a stove which would really dry out a real tree, and (2) because of the stove we’d have to wait until at least next weekend to put up the tree.  But, I didn’t have high expectations of finding an artificial that I both liked AND could afford.

We checked a few places in the mall, then Lowe’s, and Michael’s.  Nothing really struck me as that great and the prices were pretty high.  We went to K-mart, kinda as a last ditch effort, only to surprisingly find THE TREE.  It’s got Jaclyn Smith’s name on it, so it’s gotta be nice, right?  (LOVE her!)  It’s 7’, but thin (which is what I was looking for).  I was trying to stay away from a pre-lit tree; but all the non-pre-lit trees were horribly ugly and fake-looking. 

We’ve got it up and decorated and I’m really pleased with it.  Oh, and we also found a new tree skirt (which I desperately wanted) – yes, it’s Mickey & Minnie!

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